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By: Gaston Leroux (1868-1927)

The Mystery of the Yellow Room by Gaston Leroux The Mystery of the Yellow Room

One of the first locked room mysteries, The Mystery of the Yellow Room focuses on a supposedly impossible crime which has been committed within a locked room. The novel was initially published in the French periodical L’illustration, and was later published as a book in 1908. It is the first of a series of novels featuring the famous fictional reporter Joseph Rouletabille. The mystery begins when Joseph Rouletabille, a reporter and amateur sleuth is sent to investigate a crime scene at the Château du Glandier, home to renowned chemist Joseph Stangerson...

Le Mystère de la chambre jaune by Gaston Leroux (French) Le Mystère de la chambre jaune

Le mystère est grand. On a essayé de tuer mademoiselle Stangerson dans une chambre fermée de l'intérieur, aucun accès visible, volets clos... Qui a voulu perpétrer ce meurtre et surtout, comment a-t-il procédé ? (Résumé par Naf Brusa)

The Secret of the Night by Gaston Leroux The Secret of the Night

Gaston Leroux, perhaps best known as the author of The Phantom of the Opera in its novel form, was also the author of a popular series of mystery novels featuring a young journalist cum detective named Joseph Rouletabille. It is most likely that Leroux styled his hero after himself. Rouletabille was in the tradition of other great detectives who solved their cases by pure deductive reasoning. Much as Sherlock Holmes, who eliminated the impossible and concluded that whatever remained, however improbable must be the truth, Rouletabille included the known facts about the case and eliminated everything that was not a known fact, no matter how much it appeared to relate to the case...

Le Fauteuil hante by Gaston Leroux (French) Le Fauteuil hante

L’intrigue se déroule sous la coupole de l’Académie française. À la suite de la mort de Mgr d’Abbeville, chaque nouveau candidat à l’immortalité qui est désigné pour occuper son fauteuil, meurt lors du discours d’hommage à son prédécesseur. Hippolyte Patard, secrétaire perpétuel commence à désespérer, personne ne voulant être le successeur de Mgr d’Abbeville, craignant une malédiction lancée par un mage, dont on n’aurait pas voulu comme académicien. C’est alors qu’arrive Gaspard Lalouette, simple antiquaire et marchand. (Wikipedia)

Book cover (French) Le parfum de la Dame en noir
Book cover (French) Les etranges noces de Rouletabille
Book cover Phantom of the Opera (version 3 dramatic reading)

Over the years, strange things have been happening at the Paris Opéra House. The new owners, M. Moncharmin and M. Richard don't know what to do about the mysterious "Opera Ghost" demanding money, nor the tragic death of the chief scene-shifter. Now the young Soprano, Christine Daae, has been kidnapped and her lover, the Vicomte de Chagny, is going mad. The opera house is falling to pieces. Could this all be the work of the mysterious Phantom of the Opera?

Book cover The Dark Road: Further Adventures of Chéri-Bibi

One of a series of exciting adventure stories featuring Leroux's criminal mastermind Chéri-Bibi. When the story starts the "astonishing bandit", Chéri-Bibi, is languishing in a penal colony, somewhere in the darkest regions of the French empire. In the colony he has befriended a more noble type of prisoner, Raoul de Saint-Dalmas, known colloquially as the Nut. The dastardly forces of the Parisian, the Burglar, the Joker and the Caid get their enjoyment from interfering in our heroes' lives. Then there are the Chief and his warders, Pernambouc the Executioner and his assistant Monsieur Desiré, for Chéri-Bibi and the Nut, to contend with...

Book cover Man with the Black Feather

Theophrastus Longuet is a retired manufacturer of rubber stamps in Paris. He now spends his days relaxing, safe from life’s vicissitudes. with his lovely wife Marceline and long time friend M. Lecamus. However into every life a little rain must fall and it becomes apparent that a perfect storm is about to arrive in the lives of our tranquil threesome. The malevolent spirit of a murdering brigand named Cartouche, who was executed in Paris in 1721, is about to disrupt their perfect lives, in a way that will change them all forever. Not even the enigmatic Mage, M. Eliphas de Saint-Elme de Taillebourg de la Nox, in his mysterious underground crypt, may be enough to save them all.

Book cover (Spanish) Historias de Detectives

La ficción detectivesca es un subgénero de la novela negra, y paradójicamente también su antecesor. Básicamente podemos definirla como una historia lineal en donde un investigador, oficial o aficionado, estudia un crimen determinado, a menudo un asesinato. El primer detective reconocido mundialmente fue C. Auguste Dupin, de E.A. Poe. Su perfil definió lo que el lector espera de un investigador: intelectualmente brillante, excéntrico, solitario, sin apegos emocionales de ningún tipo. Algunas décadas después, más precisamente en 1887, aparecería otro ícono del cuento de detectives: Sherlock Holmes, de Arthur Conan Doyle...

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