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By: Gilbert Parker (1862-1932)

The Right of Way by Gilbert Parker The Right of Way

Charley Steele is a successful and brilliant Canadian lawyer. He has a nagging wife, Kathleen, and a lazy brother-in- law, Billy. In spite of his success, he is disillusioned with his life, drinks too much, and is deeply troubled by his agnosticism which leads to trouble and confusion. When Billy embezzles money, Charley discovers the theft and sets out to make things right. Charley however, ends up in a waterfront saloon where he encounters a barroom brawl and becomes unconscious. Charley loses his memory and ends up in the Canadian Northwoods where he falls in love with a pretty postmistress, Rosalie...

Book cover Old Quebec The Fortress of New France
Book cover Northern Lights
Book cover The Weavers: a tale of England and Egypt
Book cover Complete Works of Gilbert Parker
Book cover Quotes and Images From The Works of Gilbert Parker
Book cover At the Sign of the Eagle
Book cover A Lover's Diary
Book cover Cumner's Son and Other South Sea Folk
Book cover The Money Master
Book cover The Battle of the Strong:A Romance of Two Kingdoms
Book cover Donovan Pasha, and Some People of Egypt
Book cover Seats of The Mighty
Book cover The Trail of the Sword
Book cover Pierre and His People, Tales of the Far North
Book cover Romany of the Snows, Continuation of "Pierre and His People"
Book cover The Lane That Had No Turning
Book cover The Judgment House
Book cover Quotations from the PG Collected Works of Gilbert Parker
Book cover Michel and Angele
Book cover Wild Youth
Book cover You Never Know Your Luck
Book cover Carnac's Folly
Book cover Parables of a Province
Book cover Embers
Book cover When Valmond Came to Pontiac
Book cover The World for Sale
Book cover No Defense
Book cover The March of the White Guard
Book cover The Going of the White Swan
Book cover The Translation of a Savage
Book cover Mrs. Falchion
Book cover An Unpardonable Liar
Book cover John Enderby
Book cover The Pomp of the Lavilettes
Book cover There Is Sorrow on the Sea
Book cover Lane that had no Turning, and Other Tales concerning the People of Pontiac

This is a collection of short stories by Gilbert Parker. Parker was a Canadian writer who wrote a number of bestsellers that had a lasting influence on Canadian literature, but whose importance for his time is now largely overlooked. One of the prime examples of his art is the short story collection The Lane that had no Turning, which is a series of short stories set in the fictional provincial town of Pontiac in Quebec. This collection "contains some of his best work, and is viewed by some as being in the tradition of such Gothic classics as Stoker's Dracula and James's The Turn of the Screw...

Book cover Lover's Diary

A collection of 83 rather besotted love sonnets by Gilbert Parker, written early in his career, with an accompanying interesting and someone apologetic Introduction by the author himself. Sir Gilbert Parker, as he came to be known, went on to become politically active, as well as a great story-teller, prolific novelist, and mature poet, centering his stories in the area of Quebec, Canada. See more at,_1st_Baronet

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