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By: Johnny Gruelle (1880-1938)

Raggedy Ann Stories by Johnny Gruelle Raggedy Ann Stories

To the millions of children and grown-ups who have loved a Rag Doll, the author dedicated these stories. Now listen as Shannon reads to you Raggedy Ann’s exciting adventures; as gentle and charming today, as they were when first published in 1918. Find out what is written on her candy heart, what was the gift the fairies brought, and all about Raggedy Ann’s new sisters.

Book cover Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Camel with the Wrinkled Knees

Raggedy Ann, you remember, always thought lovely kindly thoughts because there was a little candy heart with the words "I love you" printed on it sewed, up in her nice cotton stuffed body. So of course she is the pleasantest sort of a rag dolly to become acquainted with or to meet again if you are already acquainted. This is the third book in which Raggedy Ann's exciting adventures are told, and Johnny Gruelle, her creator has long ago made her a classic in the child's world. Her brother Raggedy Andy is almost as famous...

Book cover Raggedy Ann's Wishing Pebble

Raggedy Andy raised up on his cotton stuffed elbow and whispered to Raggedy Ann, "Less have another adventure! Shall we?" And Raggedy Ann's shoe button eyes wiggled with pleasure and she whispered in reply, "Yes, Raggedy Andy! Less do!" So they tiptoed quietly to the window, climbed to the sill and catching hands jumped to the ground below, "BLUMP! BLUMP!" And so this adventure began.

Book cover Raggedy Andy Stories (version 2)

The beloved Raggedy Ann stories are beloved classics about the little rag doll with the floppy body, perpetual smile and happy attitude. Well, these stores about Raggedy Andy, a boy rag doll who has those same attitudes and some exciting adventures. Read how he came into the life of Raggedy Ann and how they became best friends in the nursery. True, his enthusiasm to help gets him into some strange places with funny dolls and animals, but with the help of his friends he always comes through with a big smile as usual. - Summary by phil c

Book cover Raggedy Ann Stories (version 3)

As I write this, I have before me on my desk, propped up against the telephone, an old rag doll. Dear old Raggedy Ann! The same Raggedy Ann with which my mother played when a child. There she sits, a trifle loppy and loose-jointed, looking me squarely in the face in a straightforward, honest manner, a twinkle where her shoe-button eyes reflect the electric light. Evidently Raggedy has been to a "tea party" today, for her face is covered with chocolate. She smiles happily and continuously. True,...

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