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By: Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)

Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift Gulliver's Travels

Comprised of four parts, Gulliver’s Travels documents the bizarre, yet fascinating voyages of Lemuel Gulliver as he makes his way through several uncharted destinations, experiencing the lives of the small, the giant, the scientific, and downright eccentric societies. Narrated in first person, Swift successfully portrays Gulliver’s thoughts and reactions as he faces struggles of integration throughout his travels. Beginning with the introduction of Gulliver, an educated ship’s surgeon, who after a series of unfortunate events is victim to repeated shipwrecks, desertions, and set adrift...

A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift A Modest Proposal

A satirical essay written by one of the most renowned satirists, Jonathan Swift, A Modest Proposal expresses the author’s exasperation with the ill treatment of impoverished Irish citizens as a result of English exploitation and social inertia. Furthermore, Swift ventilates the severity of Ireland’s political incompetence, the tyrannical English policies, the callous attitudes of the wealthy, and the destitution faced by the Irish people. Focusing on numerous aspects of society including government exploitation, reckless greed, hypocrisy, apathy, and prejudice, the essay successfully exemplifies Swift’s satirical skills...

Gulliver’s Reizen by Jonathan Swift (Dutch) Gulliver’s Reizen

Gulliver's reizen is een satirisch boek uit 1726 van de Ierse schrijver Jonathan Swift. Het oorspronkelijke boek bevatte vier reisbeschrijvingen, waarvan alleen de eerste, over het land Lilliput, nu nog grote bekendheid geniet. In deze uitgave zijn alleen de eerste twee delen van het oorspronkelijke werk opgenomen. Het tweede deel heet 'Een reis naar Brobdingnag'. (Samenvatting door Wikipedia en Bart de Leeuw)Tijdens de productie schreef Marcel Coenders, die de tekstcontrole van dit boek verzorgde: "Een mooi boek...

Book cover Gulliver's Travels Into Several Remote Regions of the World
Book cover Tale of a Tub

A Tale of a Tub was the first major work written by Jonathan Swift, composed between 1694 and 1697, that was eventually published in 1704. It is arguably his most difficult satire, and perhaps his most masterly. The Tale is a prose parody which is divided into sections of "digression" and a "tale" of three brothers, each representing one of the main branches of western Christianity. A Tale was long regarded as a satire on religion itself, and has famously been attacked for that, starting with William Wotton...

Book cover The Battle of the Books and other Short Pieces
Book cover (Dutch) Gulliver's Reis Naar Liliput
Book cover (French) Les Voyages de Gulliver
Book cover Three Sermons: I. on mutual subjection. II. on conscience. III. on the trinity
Book cover Poems of Jonathan Swift, Volume One

Sit back and listen to these light-hearted witty rhymes and see the world Jonathan Swift saw -- and maybe recognize your own. Think there is such a thing as corrupt rich guys who pretend they're God's gift to the world? So did Swift. Think some of these types strut around as if calls of nature don't apply to them? So did Swift. In one hilarious poem, he even describes gold diggers fighting over the loaded gentleman's gaseous offerings! His poem On Poetry, A Rhapsody, censored for treasonous mocking of the royal family, is in its rare uncensored form here...

Book cover The Journal to Stella
Book cover Bickerstaff-Partridge Papers
Ireland in the Days of Dean Swift Irish Tracts, 1720 to 1734 by Jonathan Swift Ireland in the Days of Dean Swift Irish Tracts, 1720 to 1734
Book cover (Danish) Gullivers Rejser

Denne udgivelse af Gullivers Rejser indeholder 1. bog - Rejse til Lilliput og 2. bog - Rejse til Brobdingnag kæmpernes land. Oprindeligt tæller Gullivers Rejser flere bøger, men det er kun de to første, der er udgivet på dansk. Jonathan Swift beskriver i nøje detaljer sine rejser, dette som en parodi på rejsebeskrivelsen som genre. Skønt Gullivers Rejser i Danmark er udgivet som børnebog, er den ikke kun en fantasifuld fortælling, men også et samfundssatirisk spejlbillede af datidens England.

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