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By: Leonid Nikolayevich Andreyev (1871-1919)

The Seven Who Were Hanged by Leonid Nikolayevich Andreyev The Seven Who Were Hanged

"I am very glad that "The Story of the Seven Who Were Hanged" will be read in English. The misfortune of us all is that we know so little, even nothing, about one another—neither about the soul, nor the life, the sufferings, the habits, the inclinations, the aspirations of one another. Literature, which I have the honor to serve, is dear to me just because the noblest task it sets before itself is that of wiping out boundaries and distances."-- Leonid Andreyev, in a letter to Herman Bernstein

Book cover (Japanese) 血笑記
Book cover (Spanish) Los espectros Novelas breves
Book cover Man Who Found the Truth

An old man, accused of having murdered his family as a young man, spends a lifetime in prison. With brilliant psychological insight so characteristic of Leonid Andreyev's work, we follow this man telling his story about his obsession with truth and lies and his religion of the iron grate, tinged with madness, and not necessarily reliable..

Book cover Savva and the Life of Man Two plays by Leonid Andreyev
Book cover Red Laugh

The reader is immersed in the Hellish madness of war through the eyes of a tired soldier losing his grip on reality, scarred physically and mentally by the atrocities he witnesses. Lauded author Leonid Andreyev, who many consider Russia's Edgar Allan Poe, gives us a powerful and intense narrative showing the horrors of war and its impact on the psyche. - Summary by Ben Tucker

Book cover Satan's Diary

"Satan's Diary", Andreyev's last work, was completed by the great Russian a few days before he died in Finland, in September, 1919. But a few years ago the most popular and successful of Russian writers, Andreyev died almost penniless, a sad, tragic figure, disillusioned, broken-hearted over the tragedy of Russia. In "Satan's Diary", Andreyev summoned up his boundless disillusionment in an absorbing satire on human life. Fearlessly and mercilessly he hurled the falsehoods and hypocrisies in the face of life...

Book cover Dark

The Dark is a novella about a desperate young man, a “terrorist and nihilist”, trying to avoid arrest by taking refuge in a brothel. The story focuses on his unfolding relationship with a prostitute in the brothel and the internal conflict which torments him. The author, Leonid Andreyev, an acclaimed Russian playwright and writer of short fiction, was noted for the darkness in his work. This book was published by Leonard and Virginia Woolf. ( Lee Smalley)

Book cover (German) Joch des Krieges

Ergreifender Anti-Kriegs-Roman in Tagebuchform, zu dem sich der Autor durch den Ausbruch des Ersten Weltkrieges zu schreiben veranlasst sah und der die bereits in der Novelle "Das rote Lachen" gezeigte pazifistische Haltung Andrejews eindrucksvoll bestätigt. Vor allem die durch den Krieg verursachten Leiden der Zivilbevölkerung im Hinterland sind Gegenstand des Werkes.

Book cover (French) Nouvelles

Ceci est une collection de huit nouvelles de la plume de l'auteur russe Léonid Andreïev , traduites par Serge Persky . Auteur réaliste et souvent pessimiste, Andreïev fut comparé à Edgar Allan Poe par les critiques contemporains. - Summary by Sonia

Book cover Little Angel and Other Stories

This is a volume of short works by Leonid Andreyev. - Summary by Carolin

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