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By: Richard Barnum

Squinty the Comical Pig by Richard Barnum Squinty the Comical Pig

"This comical children's tale about the funny adventures of a funny pig written by an unknown author. The publisher has hired authors to write children's tales, and gave them "house names". The "name" of the author who wrote this tale is Richard Barnum. It became very successful, the most well known of Richard Barnum's tales. So, if you want to laugh a little, even if you are not a child, read this book".

Book cover Don, a Runaway Dog: His Many Adventures

Don was one of five little puppies. With his brothers and sisters he cuddled up close to Mrs. Gurr, the mother dog, to keep warm, for it was rather cool for little dogs, even though there was plenty of straw in the kennel, or house, where they lived. Don shivered and trembled, but when his mother put her soft, warm paw over him and the other little dogs, Don felt better.

Book cover Lightfoot, the Leaping Goat

Lightfoot is a delightful little goat who jumps from one adventure to another, some heroic some just mischief, but always a lot of fun. This is one of the Kneetime Animal Stories series written under the name of Richard Barnum. - Summary by Larry Wilson

Book cover Shaggo, the Mighty Buffalo

This is a story on the circus animal series by Richard Barnum. Follow adventures of Shaggo, The Mighty Buffalo from prairie to circus life. - Summary by Larry Wilson

Book cover Winkie, the Wily Woodchuck: Her Many Adventures

Winkie is a girl woodchuck that is always up for any adventure. And she and her sister Blinky have a lot of them as they scurry through the forest with their friends looking for things to eat and to have fun with. Winkie is not called the wily woodchuck for no reason; she manages to evade trouble most times but not all and those times makes us hold our breath wondering if Winkie will manage to grow up to be a big woodchuck at all. - Summary by phil chenevert

Book cover Sharp Eyes, the Silver Fox

Sharp Eyes, the Silver Fox is another tale of adventure that follows a young silver fox from his birth in the woods of England, through training by his parents in how to survive, to some rather bad mistakes he makes leading to his capture and being placed in a zoo.

Book cover Don, a Runaway Dog: His Many Adventures (Version 2)

Don is a dog with a yearning for adventure. After he escapes from home, he makes new friends and has a run-in with the dog-catcher, but he perseveres before finding his proper place in the world. - Summary by Lynne Thompson

Book cover Blackie, A Lost Cat

Blackie is a coal black cat who lives with two children and their parents. One day she is led astray by a neighboring cat and decides to go for an adventure. Not knowing what to expect, she walks away from her cushion in the sun, plentiful food and lots of petting attention. All does not go as she expects an indeed her scary adventures cause her much anxiety not to mention an empty belly in the days ahead. Follow Blackie on her stroll through the streets and byways of a busy town. A cute story and I promise a happy ending. - Summary by phil chenevert

Book cover Chunky, the Happy Hippo

This is another in the Kneeland Animal Stories by Richard Barnum. Follow the many adventures of the little Chunky Hippo from his home in Africa to the circus. - Summary by Larry Wilson

Book cover Flop Ear, the Funny Rabbit

"Once upon a time, not so very many years ago, a family of rabbits lived in the woods near the top of a mountain. There were six in the family, counting Flop Ear, the funny rabbit, and I speak of him first because this story is going to be mostly about him and his adventures, or what happened to Flop Ear." Another hippity-hoppty tale about an adventurous little rabbit whose left ear just would not stand up straight. - Summary by Phil Chenevert

Book cover Shaggo, The Mighty Buffalo (Version 2)

One of a series of children's books in the Kneetime Animal Stories series by Richard Barnum, the pen name of a number of authors in the Stratemeyer Syndicate. In this tale we meet Shaggo the Buffalo and his friends as we follow their adventures.

Book cover Tamba, The Tame Tiger; His Many Adventures

Richard Barnum was the pseudonym adopted by several authors of the Studemeyer Syndicate when writing the Kneetime Animal Stories for children. In this tale, we meet Tamba, the Tame Tiger and follow his escape from the circus and search for something to eat.

Book cover Tinkle, the Trick Pony

The Kneetime Animal Stories are charming children's stories about animals. The friends each have their own story, but make appearances in other books. In this tale, the clever Tinkle gets himself into trouble before being taken into the circus and meeting some of the other animals. - Summary by Lynne Thompson

Book cover Dido, the Dancing Bear: His Many Adventures

One of the Kneetime Animal Stories for children, Dido the Dancing Bear may seem unethical today, but when it was written in 1916, such spectacles were a relatively common and "harmless" entertainment, In this story, we follow Dido as he is caught, trained and put in a circus. Along the way, he meets several other animals from the series. - Summary by Lynne Thompson

Book cover Toto, the Bustling Beaver

Toto is the littlest beaver in his family and in the pond. He has much to experience and learn as he experiences the world and has adventures. A fun children's story that has many animals all chipping in to make life interesting for the newest beaver. - Summary by phil chenevert

Book cover Slicko, the Jumping Squirrel

The Squirrel family lived half-way up a tall tree in their cozy little home, lined with soft, dried leaves and white, fluffy cotton. Slicko and her siblings are getting jumping lessons today from Mr. Squirrel. Slicko meets a new friend and goes on an adventure which gets her into a bit of trouble. What will happen to poor Slicko?

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