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By: Saint Jerome (347-420)

Book cover Against Jovinianus

Jovinianus, had published at Rome a treatise containing the following opinions: "That a virgin is no better as such than a wife in the sight of God. Abstinence is no better than a thankful partaking of food. A person baptized with the Spirit as well as with water cannot sin. All sins are equal. There is but one grade of punishment and one of reward in the future state." Also he held the birth of our Lord to have been natural, rather than that Jesus passed through the walls of the womb as His Resurrection body afterwards did out of the tomb...

Book cover Life of St. Hilarion

St. Hilarion was an anchorite who lived most of his life in the desert after the example of St. Anthony the Great . He is considered to be the founder of Palestinian monasticism and venerated as a saint by the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church. He was born in Gaza to pagan parents. After successfully studying rhetoric in Alexandria, he converted to Christianity. After which, he shunned the pleasures of his day, the theatre, circus and arena, and spent his time going to church. Upon hearing of St. Antony and his way of life he purposed to become a monk, first spending time in Egypt and then returning to Gaza. - Summary summarized from Wikipedia

Book cover Illustrious Men (De Viris Illustribus)

This is a collection of 135 brief biographies by St. Jerome of his forebears and contemporaries. It is often cited as a primary source of information on ancient Christian authors and their writings. The biographies start with the apostles and end with Jerome himself. They also include respected non-Christians such as Josephus, and Philo of Alexandria. In general, this work provides a quick overview of all the respected writers in the early centuries and their writings, which would be of interest to Christians. - Summary by ancientchristian

Book cover Perpetual Virginity of Blessed Mary

St. Jerome composed this essay against Helvidius, who stated that because the gospels mentioned Christ as having “sisters” and “brethren” the Virgin Mary must have had more children from Joseph her husband. In response Jerome asserts three propositions against Helvidius: 1) That Joseph was only putatively, not really, the husband of Mary. 2) That the “brethren” of the Lord were his cousins, not his own brethren. 3) That virginity is better than the married state. - Summary from the preface

Book cover Letter 22 to Eustochium

St. Jerome's most famous letter , written to St. Eustochium, the sixteen-year-old daughter of the Roman widow St. Paula. St. Jerome exhorts St. Eustochium to embrace virginity and teaches her the proper conduct of a young woman. It contains his: 1. view that God, though omnipotent, cannot restore a fallen virgin 2. vivid description of fasting and temptation 3. view of abortion, that it is murder 4. term superbiam sanctam, virginity a "holy pride" 5. praise of wedlock, that it gives him virgins 6...

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