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By: Terence

Book cover The Comedies of Terence
Book cover Eunuchus: The Eunuch

Another of the plays by Terence translated from the Latin by Riley. "A certain citizen of Athens had a daughter named Pamphila, and a son called Chremes. The former was stolen while an infant, and sold to a Rhodian merchant, who having made a present of her to a Courtesan of Rhodes, she brought her up with her own daughter Thais, who was somewhat older." Hmmm, so kidnapping and slavery to start off; then there will be eunuchs and rape before the play ends. And it is a comedy?! Ah, well, it was 200BC...

Book cover Heautontimorumenos; the Self-Tormentor

Terence's six plays are comedies written while he was a slave to a Roman senator. In this one, a severe father compels his son Clinia, in love with Antiphila, to go abroad to the wars; and repenting of what has been done, torments himself in mind. - Summary by ToddHW Cast list: Chremes, an old gentleman, living in the country: Adrian Stephens Menedemus, an old gentleman, his neighbor: ToddHW Clinia, son of Menedemus: alanmapstone Clitipho, son of Chremes: Tomas Peter Dromo, servant of Clinia: Nemo Syrus,...

Book cover Andria: or, The Fair Andrian

Pamphilus wants to marry a woman different than his father has chosen for him. Add in paternal scheming, death bed promises, shipwreck, and other complications, and comedy ensues. - Summary by ToddHW Cast list: Simo, an aged Athenian: Aaron White Pamphilus, son of Simo: Josh Kibbey Sosia, freedman of Simo: Eva Davis Chremes, an aged Athenian: ToddHW Charinus, a young Athenian, in love with Philumena: Tomas Peter Crito, a native of Andros: alanmapstone Davus, servant of Simo: Campbell Schelp Dromo,...

Book cover Phormio; or, The Scheming Parasite

"Chremes and Demipho are two aged Athenians, brothers. Nausistrata, the wife of Chremes, is a wealthy woman, possessed of large estates in the island of Lemnos. Chremes, who goes thither yearly to receive the rents, meets with a poor woman there, whom he secretly marries, and has by her a daughter called Phanium: while engaged in this intrigue, Chremes passes at Lemnos by the name of Stilpho. By his wife, Nausistrata, at Athens, Chremes has a son, named Phædria, and his brother has a son, named Antipho...

Book cover Adelphi: or, The Brothers

"Micio and Demea are two brothers of dissimilar tempers. Demea is married, and lives a country life, while his brother remains single, and resides in Athens." Things quickly get a bit messy with hushed-up debauchery, kidnapping/elopement/theft of a slave, general carousing, and marriage nuptials - the usual for the day perhaps, except that: "The Play concludes with a serious warning from Demea, who advises his relatives not to squander their means in riotous living; but, on the contrary, to bear admonition and to submit to restraint in a spirit of moderation and thankfulness...

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