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中庸 章句   By: (1130-1200)

Book cover

中庸 章句 by Xi Zhu is a profound and insightful collection of traditional Chinese wisdom. The author provides a detailed analysis of the concept of the Golden Mean, emphasizing the importance of balance and moderation in all aspects of life.

The book is divided into chapters that explore various topics such as ethics, governance, and personal development. Each chapter is filled with thought-provoking ideas and practical advice on how to achieve harmony and equilibrium in one's thoughts and actions.

One of the standout features of the book is its clarity and simplicity. The author's writing style is straightforward and easy to understand, making the complex philosophical concepts accessible to readers of all backgrounds.

Overall, 中庸 章句 is a timeless classic that offers valuable insights into the principles of Confucianism and the importance of living a balanced and harmonious life. It is a must-read for anyone interested in Chinese philosophy and culture.

First Page:

¤¤±e³¹¥y (zhong yong zhang ju)

¦¶¿Q (xi zhu)

¤¤±e³¹¥y§Ç ¤¤±e¦ó¬°¦Ó§@¤]¡H¤l«ä¤l¼~¹D¾Ç¤§¥¢¨ä¶Ç¦Ó§@¤]¡C»\¦Û¤W¥j¸t¯«Ä~¤Ñ¥ß ·¥¡A¦Ó¹D²Î¤§¶Ç¦³¦Û¨Ó¨o¡C¨ä¨£©ó¸g¡A«h¡u¤¹°õ³Ö¤¤¡vªÌ¡A³ó¤§©Ò¥H±ÂµÏ ¤]¡F¡u¤H¤ß±©¦M¡A¹D¤ß±©·L¡A±©ºë±©¤@¡A¤¹°õ³Ö¤¤¡vªÌ¡AµÏ¤§©Ò¥H±Â¬ê¤]¡C³ó ¤§¤@¨¥¡A¦Ü¨o¡AºÉ¨o¡I¦ÓµÏ´ ¯q¤§¥H¤T¨¥ªÌ¡A«h©Ò¥H©ú¤Ò³ó¤§¤@¨¥¡A¥²¦p¬O¦Ó «á¥i±f´X¤]¡C »\¹Á½×¤§¡G¤ß¤§µêÆFª¾Ä±¡A¤@¦Ó¤w¨o¡A¦Ó¥H¬°¦³¤H¤ß¡B¹D¤ß¤§²§ªÌ¡A«h¥H ¨ä©Î¥Í©ó§Î®ð¤§¨p¡A©Î­ì... Continue reading book >>

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