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水滸傳   By: (1290?-1365?)

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Water Margin, also known as Outlaws of the Marsh, is a classic Chinese novel written by Shi Nai'an. This epic tale is set during the Song Dynasty and follows the adventures of a group of bandits who become heroes fighting against corrupt officials and oppressive rulers.

The novel is filled with larger-than-life characters, each with their own unique skills and personalities. From the cunning Lin Chong to the brave Wu Song, the outlaws of Liangshan Marsh are a diverse and colorful cast of characters that will capture the reader's imagination.

One of the strengths of Water Margin is its exploration of themes such as loyalty, honor, and justice. The outlaws may be lawbreakers, but they are also bound by strong codes of ethics and brotherhood. The novel raises questions about the nature of heroism and the complexities of morality, making it a thought-provoking read.

The writing style of Shi Nai'an is engaging and dynamic, with vivid descriptions of battles, landscapes, and characters. The action scenes are intense and exciting, drawing the reader into the heart of the action.

Overall, Water Margin is a captivating epic that combines adventure, drama, and moral dilemmas in a thrilling historical setting. It is a timeless classic that has inspired countless adaptations in various forms of media. Whether you are a fan of Chinese literature or just enjoy a good adventure story, Water Margin is definitely worth a read.

First Page:

楔子 張天師祈禳瘟疫 洪太尉誤走妖魔

紛紛五代亂離間,一旦雲開復見天!草木百年新雨露,車書萬里舊江山。 尋常巷陌陳羅綺,幾處樓臺奏管絃。天下太平無事日,鶯花無限日高眠。

話說這八句詩乃是故宋神宗天子朝中一個名儒,姓邵,諱堯夫,道號康節先生所 作;為歎五代殘唐,天下干戈不息。那時朝屬梁,暮屬晉,正謂是:


後來感得天道循環,向甲馬營中生下太祖武德皇帝來,這朝聖人出世,紅光滿天 ,異香經宿不散,乃是上界霹靂大仙下降。英雄勇猛,智量寬洪,自古帝王都不及這 朝天子,一條桿棒等身齊,打四百座軍州都姓趙!那天子掃清寰宇,蕩靜中原,國號 大宋,建都汴梁,九朝八帝班頭,四百年開基帝主。因此上,邵堯夫先生讚道:「一 旦雲開復見天!」正如教百姓再見天日之面一般。

那時西嶽華山有個陳摶處士,是個道高有德之人,能辨風雲氣色。一日,騎驢下 山,向那華陰道中正行之間,聽得路上客人傳說:「如今東京柴世宗讓位與趙檢點登 基。」那陳摶先生聽得,心中歡喜,以手加額,在驢背上大笑,顛下驢來。人問其故 。那先生道:「天下從此定矣!正乃上合天心,下合地理,中合人和。」

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