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An Author's Mind : The Book of Title-pages   By: (1810-1889)

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In "An Author's Mind: The Book of Title-pages" by Martin Farquhar Tupper, readers are invited into the fascinating world of the author's creative process. Tupper, known for his innovative storytelling techniques, provides a unique perspective on the importance of title pages in capturing the essence of a book.

From the very beginning, Tupper captivates readers with his insightful exploration of the intricate art of crafting the perfect title. He seamlessly weaves together historical anecdotes, literary analysis, and personal anecdotes to demonstrate how a title can set the stage for the entire narrative to come. His deep understanding of the power of words shines through as he delves into the nuances of titles, revealing the layers of meaning they can convey.

One of the book's most compelling aspects is Tupper's ability to dissect the different components that make up a title page, from font choice to layout design. By dissecting these elements, he reveals the hidden messages and intentions that authors embed within their titles, making readers rethink the significance of seemingly simple words.

Tupper also delves into the cultural and societal factors that shape our understanding of titles throughout history. He explores how a title's impact can evolve over time, as different generations interpret it through their own lens. This historical context adds depth and context to the book, allowing readers to appreciate the enduring significance of a well-crafted title page.

Throughout the book, Tupper showcases his vast knowledge of literature, drawing upon a wide range of examples to illustrate his points. Whether referencing classic novels or contemporary works, he demonstrates how title pages can both pique readers' curiosity and provide a glimpse into the author's creative vision.

However, despite the book's captivating premise and Tupper's evident expertise, some readers may find the extensive analysis and academic approach a bit overwhelming. The intricate details and meticulous dissection of title pages could potentially dampen the enjoyment for those seeking a more casual exploration of the topic.

Overall, "An Author's Mind: The Book of Title-pages" is a captivating read for any literature enthusiast or aspiring writer. Tupper's deep understanding and passion for the subject shine through in every page, making this book a valuable resource for those interested in unraveling the significance of title pages. Whether you are an author seeking inspiration or a curious reader wanting to delve deeper into the craft of writing, this book offers a thought-provoking journey into the mind of an author.

First Page:






"En un mot, mes amis, je n'ai entrepris de vous contenter tous en général; ainsi, une et autres en particulier; et par spécial, moymême." PASQUIER.




The writer of this strange book (a particular friend of mine) came to me a few mornings ago with a very happy face and a very blotty manuscript. "Congratulate me," he began, "on having dispersed an armada of head aches hitherto invincible, on having exorcised my brain of its legionary spectres, and brushed away the swarming thoughts that used to persecute my solitude; I can now lie down as calmly as the lamb, and rise as gayly as the lark; instead of a writhing Laocoon, my just found Harlequin's wand has changed me into infant Hercules brandishing his strangled snakes; I have mowed, for the nonce, the docks, mallows, hogweed, and wild parsley of my rank field, and its smooth green carpet looks like a rich meadow; I am free, happy, well at ease: argal, an thou lovest me, congratulate."

Wider and wider still stared out my wonder, to hear my usually sober friend so voluble in words and so profuse of images: I saw at once it was a set speech, prepared for an impromptu occasion; nevertheless, as he was clearly in an enviable state of disenthraldom from thoughtfulness, I graciously accorded him a sympathetic smile... Continue reading book >>

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