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An Inquiry Into The Nature Of Peace And The Terms Of Its Perpetuation   By: (1857-1929)

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In "An Inquiry Into The Nature Of Peace And The Terms Of Its Perpetuation" by Thorstein Veblen, readers are taken on a thought-provoking journey exploring the intricate dynamics of peace and the conditions required for its long-lasting existence. Veblen, known for his groundbreaking economic theories, delves into society and its structures, laying bare the intricate web of complex relationships that underlie human behavior in times of conflict.

The book presents a compelling and insightful analysis of the nature of peace, challenging conventional wisdom and dissecting the many nuances surrounding this elusive state of being. Drawing on historical events and social observations, Veblen adeptly discusses the factors that contribute to either the maintenance or disruption of peace.

One of the most captivating aspects of Veblen's work is his ability to integrate various disciplines seamlessly. Through a multidimensional approach that combines economics, sociology, psychology, and anthropology, the author deftly navigates a range of interconnected topics. By doing so, Veblen provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the complex web of forces that shape peace and its prospects.

Veblen's astute analysis is characterized by his acute observations of human nature and societal tendencies. His keen eye for detail allows him to uncover the underlying motivations behind actions and decisions, shedding light on the inherent conflicts that often impede the establishment of lasting peace. Additionally, Veblen's writing style is concise and accessible, ensuring that both scholars and casual readers can engage with his ideas.

However, some readers may find the book's depth and complexity overwhelming at times. Veblen frequently traverses abstract concepts and employs advanced terminology, which may pose a challenge for those less familiar with the subjects under discussion. Moreover, the book occasionally veers into tangential areas, which could be perceived as detracting from the main focus.

Despite these minor drawbacks, "An Inquiry Into The Nature Of Peace And The Terms Of Its Perpetuation" remains a valuable contribution to the exploration of peace in our increasingly interconnected world. Veblen's astute observations and thought-provoking theories offer readers a fresh perspective on the nature of societal harmony and provide a solid foundation for further research and reflection.

In essence, Veblen's book serves as an insightful guide on the complex dynamics of peace, contributing to our collective understanding of this fundamental human pursuit. By challenging conventional wisdom and examining the intricate web of societal forces, Veblen compels readers to question their assumptions and reevaluate their perception of peace.

First Page:







New York B.W. HUEBSCH 1919

All rights reserved


Published April, 1917: Reprinted August, 1917.

New edition published by B.W. HUEBSCH. January, 1919.


It is now some 122 years since Kant wrote the essay, Zum ewigen Frieden . Many things have happened since then, although the Peace to which he looked forward with a doubtful hope has not been among them. But many things have happened which the great critical philosopher, and no less critical spectator of human events, would have seen with interest. To Kant the quest of an enduring peace presented itself as an intrinsic human duty, rather than as a promising enterprise. Yet through all his analysis of its premises and of the terms on which it may be realised there runs a tenacious persuasion that, in the end, the régime of peace at large will be installed. Not as a deliberate achievement of human wisdom, so much as a work of Nature the Designer of things Natura daedala rerum .

To any attentive reader of Kant's memorable essay it will be apparent that the title of the following inquiry On the nature of peace and the terms of its perpetuation is a descriptive translation of the caption under which he wrote... Continue reading book >>

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