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Ancient China Simplified   By: (1849-1926)

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Ancient China Simplified by Edward Harper Parker offers readers a comprehensive and detailed exploration of the rich history and culture of ancient China. From its early beginnings to the rise and fall of its various dynasties, the book provides a well-researched and unbiased account of this captivating civilization.

Parker possesses an exceptional knowledge of Chinese history, and his expertise is evident throughout the book. His writing style is clear, concise, and engaging, making the complex subject matter accessible to readers of all backgrounds. He successfully condenses a vast amount of information into a format that is both enjoyable to read and informative.

One of the most notable features of Ancient China Simplified is the author's dedication to presenting a comprehensive picture of Chinese culture. In addition to political and military events, Parker delves into a wide range of topics such as art, philosophy, literature, and social customs, offering depth and breadth to his narrative. This approach allows readers to gain a holistic understanding of ancient China and appreciate its overall significance in the world's history.

Furthermore, Parker's book is exceptionally well-organized. The chapters flow smoothly, each building upon the previous one, which aids in understanding the chronological development of Chinese civilization. The inclusion of maps, illustrations, and timelines further enhances the reader's comprehension and keeps them engaged in the narrative.

While the book primarily focuses on the political and cultural aspects of ancient China, it also acknowledges the challenges of studying such an extensive and ancient civilization. Parker provides a candid perspective on the limitations and controversies faced by historians in interpreting and understanding ancient sources, giving readers a nuanced understanding of the complexity of historical research.

One potential drawback is that the book may occasionally feel overwhelming due to the sheer amount of information covered. Parker covers a vast expanse of time and a wide range of subtopics, which may be a lot to take in for readers less familiar with Chinese history. However, the author does his best to guide the reader through this expansive subject, and the comprehensive nature of the book is ultimately its greatest strength.

Overall, Ancient China Simplified is an outstanding resource for anyone interested in delving into the history and culture of ancient China. Parker's expertise, clear writing style, and comprehensive approach make this book an essential read for both history enthusiasts and those seeking a deep understanding of one of the world's most intriguing civilizations.

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[Illustration: Tripod of the Chou dynasty, date 812 B.C. In 1565 A.D. it was placed by the owner for safety in a temple on Silver Island (near Chinkiang), where it may be seen now. Taken (by kind permission of the author) from Dr. S. W. Bushell's "Chinese Art," vol. i. p. 82.]





Boswell once remarked to Dr. Johnson that "the history of England is so strange that, if it were not well vouched as it is, it would be hardly credible." To which Johnson replied in his usual style: "Sir, if it were told as shortly, and with as little preparation for introducing the different events, as the history of the Jewish kings, it would be equally liable to objections of improbability." Dr. Johnson went on to illustrate what he meant, by specific allusion to the concessions to Parliament made by Charles I. "If," he said, "these had been related nakedly, without any detail of the circumstances which generally led to them, they would not have been believed."

This is exactly the position of ancient Chinese history, which may be roughly said to coincide in time with the history of the Jewish kings. The Chinese Annals are mere diaries of events, isolated facts being tumbled together in order of date, without any regard for proportion... Continue reading book >>

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