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Ancient Rome The Lives of Great Men   By:

Ancient Rome The Lives of Great Men by Mary Agnes Hamilton

First Page:

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[Illustration: ROME AND THE TIBER]


The Lives of Great Men

told by


Brutus and Tarquin · Lucretia · Mucius · Cloelia · Regulus Marcus Curtius · Coriolanus · Volumnia · Pyrrhus Fabricius · Hamilcar · Hannibal · Flaminius · Fabius Marcellus · The Scipios · The Gracchi · Cato · Marius Drusus · Sulla · Mithridates · Lucullus · Pompeius Crassus · Cicero · Caesar


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CONTENTS [added by transcriber]

I INTRODUCTORY: The People and City of Rome II The Early Heroes III The Great Enemies of Rome IV The Scipios V The Gracchi VI Cato the Censor VII Caius Marius and Lucius Cornelius Sulla VIII The New Rome IX Lucius Licinius Lucullus X Cnaeus Pompeius XI Marcus Licinius Crassus XII Marcus Tullius Cicero XIII Caius Julius Caesar


PAGE Ruins of a Roman Town Pompeii 1 Rome and the Tiber 2 The Hills round Horace's Farm. From a drawing by E. Lear 5 Lar, or Household God 7 Etruscan Soldier. (British Museum) 12 Roman Legionary. (British Museum) 13 Lacus Curtius. Restored. (From C. Huelsen, Das Forum Romanum . Maglioni and Strini, Rome) 17 Pyrrhus. (From a photograph by Richter & Co., Naples) 25 The Desolation of Carthage To day. (From a photograph by Prof. J. L. Myres) 30 Carthaginian Priestess. (From The Carthage of the Phoenicians , by permission of Mr. W. Heinemann) 31 Pictures from Pompeii of a Mimic Naval Battle 32, 33 Great St. Bernard Pass. (From a photograph by F. J. Hall) 37 Trasimene. (From a photograph by Alinari) 40 Helmet found on the Field of Cannae. (British Museum) 43 A Coin of Victory 47 Scipio Africanus 49 Tragic and Comic Masks 58 Costume. The Roman Toga. (British Museum) 65 Elaborate Lamp. To show the luxury of later times 69 The Tomb of a Roman Family, to show simplicity of dress. (From a photograph by Alinari) 74 Ploughing. A Terra cotta Group. ( Journal of Hellenic Studies ) 75 The Shrine of the Lar, from a House in Pompeii 77 The Aristocrat distributing Largesse; The Fisherman; The Rich Matron; The Shepherdess. (Capitoline Museum) 80 3 Trophy of Victory. (Capitoline Museum) 84 Sulla, from a coin 89 Mithridates, from a coin 92 A Boar Hunt... Continue reading book >>

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