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The Art of Iugling or Legerdemaine   By:

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Art of Iugling or


Wherein is deciphered, all the conueyances of Legerdemaine and Iugling, how they are effected, & wherin they chiefly consist.

Cautions to beware of cheating at Cardes and Dice.

The detection of the beggerly Art of Alcumistry, &, The foppery of foolish cousoning Charmes.

All tending to mirth and recreation, especially for those that desire to haue the insight and priuate practise thereof.

By S.R.

Quod noua testa capit, Inueterata sapit.



This short conceipt, that I haue writ of late, To you kinde Father BVBB , I dedicate, Not that I meane heereby (good sir) to teach, For I confesse, your skills beyond my reach: But since before with me much time you spent, Good reason then, first fruits I should present: That thankefull [] Bird that leaues one young behinde, Ensamples me, to bear a thankefull minde: Vngratefull he, that thankes can not repay To him, that hath deseru'd it euery way: Accept (kinde Sir) my loue, that being doone, I aske no more, desire no other Boone.

Your Lo: sonne in all loue, SA: RID.

[ Sidenote: The nature of this Bird is: that building her nest vnder the couer of houses (as the Swallow doth with vs) leaue euer behinde her for the owner of the house, one young one, in token of her thankfulnesse: and as I may say, for pawne of her rent.]

TO HIS LOVING FRIEND AND adopted Sonne Mr. Sa: Rid .

Most worthy sonne,

Your labour and obseruance heerein, with the gift of your first fruits, is both worthy commendations and acceptance: and to cherrish you further in this your discouery, I will giue an addition to your second treatise. So I leaue you to God: and belieue you, not a more louing friend then,

William Bubb.

To the curteous Reader.

There goeth a prety Fable of the Moone: On a time she earnestly besought her mother to prouide her a garment, comely and fit for her body: how can that bee sweete daughter (quoth the mother) sith that your body neuer keepes it selfe at one staye, nor at one certaine estate, but changeth euery day in the month, nay euery houre? The application heereof needes no interpretation: Fantasie and foolery who can please? and desire who can humour? no Camelion changeth his coulour as affection, nor any thing so variable a Populus Chorus Fluuius .

I would with all my heart, euery Author that had done no better then I haue, had done no worse: and it were to be wished that some caprichious Coxecombes, with their desperate wits, were not so forward to disbowell the entrails of their own ouerweening, singular, infectious, & pestiferous thoughts, as I knowe some.

But I cannot stand all day nosing of Candlestickes; meane time beare with a plaine man: whatsoeuer I haue now done, I hope no exception can be taken, it is for your mirth and recreation (and I pray you so take it.) let such as will needes barke at the Moone, yell till their hearts ake: Gentle and Gentlemens spirits, wil take all kindely that is kindely presented.

Yours in loue S.R.

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