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Aus meinem Königreich   By:

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Aus meinem Königreich by Carmen Sylva is a delightful and insightful collection of stories and poems that transport readers into a world filled with imagination, emotions, and beautiful imagery. The book offers a glimpse into the fascinating life and creative mind of the author.

One of the most outstanding aspects of this book is the rich language used throughout. Sylva's prose is elegant and poetic, allowing readers to vividly imagine the scenes and emotions described. Each story and poem is carefully crafted, showcasing the author's talent and skill in storytelling. From tales of love and loss to introspective poems exploring the human condition, Sylva captivates the reader with her words.

In addition to its literary beauty, Aus meinem Königreich also offers valuable insights into the author's personal experiences and observations. Sylva provides glimpses into her own life, combining real-life experiences with fictional elements to create a unique narrative. This blending of fact and fiction adds depth and authenticity to the stories, making them relatable and engaging.

Furthermore, the book delves into various themes and topics, ranging from nature and spirituality to social issues and women's rights. Sylva tackles these subjects in a sensitive and thought-provoking manner, prompting readers to reflect on their own beliefs and perspectives. The book serves as a reminder of the power of literature to challenge societal norms and inspire change.

One minor critique of the book is that at times, the stories and poems can be quite melancholic and introspective. While this adds to the depth and emotional resonance of the work, some readers may prefer a more lighthearted or varied tone.

Overall, Aus meinem Königreich is a captivating collection that showcases Carmen Sylva's brilliance as a writer. With its beautifully crafted prose, introspective themes, and a touch of autobiography, the book offers a memorable reading experience. It is a must-read for anyone seeking literary gems that blend imagination, emotion, and profound insights into the human experience.

First Page:

[This text is intended for users whose text readers cannot use the "real" (Unicode/UTF 8) version of the file. A few characters, mainly in the Notes and Vocabulary, have been modified:

ê ô macron or "long" mark on e and o shown with circumflex instead [)i] i with breve or "short" mark "unpacked" and shown in brackets ¨ line with umlaut, used in Vocabulary for plural forms, shown as two separate characters {petra} Greek words in the Notes are transliterated and shown in {braces} »...« The original "low high" quotation marks, used with all German text, are shown as guillemets; English quotation marks have the plain "typewriter" form.

The Notes were numbered from 1 on each page. This numbering was retained; the added first number [1.2] represents the physical page. Line numbers, printed in the margin of the main text, are not used in the Notes and were omitted from the e text. Brackets and question marks are in the original.

These types of character format appear in the Notes and Vocabulary:

italics ~fraktur~ ("Gothic") type In the original book, all German text was printed in fraktur. The ~marks~ were omitted in vocabulary references to plural endings: ( pl. en) instead of ( pl. ~ en~). Conversely, the same ~marks~ are used to show non fraktur (»antiqua«) type in the German stories... Continue reading book >>

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