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The Bath Tatting Book   By:

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The Bath Tatting Book by Anonymous is a delightful and instructional guide that caters to both beginners and experienced hobbyists in the art of tatting. This unique craft, which involves creating intricate lace designs using shuttles and threads, offers a soothing and creative escape for individuals seeking a new and rewarding way to spend their leisure time.

What sets The Bath Tatting Book apart from other publications on the subject is its comprehensive approach to explaining the techniques involved. The author takes great care to present the step-by-step instructions in a clear and concise manner, ensuring that readers can easily follow along and replicate the patterns without feeling overwhelmed. The inclusion of detailed illustrations further enhances the learning experience, making it even more accessible to those new to tatting.

Aside from the instructional aspect, The Bath Tatting Book also explores the history and origins of tatting, providing readers with a deeper appreciation for this traditional craft. Through the author's engaging narrative, readers are taken on a journey that traces the roots of tatting and highlights its significance throughout different cultures and time periods. This contextual information adds a layer of richness to the book and makes it a compelling read for anyone interested in the history of crafts.

One aspect I particularly enjoyed about this book is the variety of designs offered. From delicate edgings and bookmarks to intricate doilies and motifs, there is something for every taste and skill level. Moreover, the author doesn't shy away from experimenting with more contemporary styles and applications of tatting, showing readers that this age-old craft can adapt and evolve to suit modern tastes and trends.

Additionally, The Bath Tatting Book includes useful tips and tricks that can help tatters overcome common challenges they may encounter during their creative journey. The author's expertise shines through in these sections, offering valuable insights that can save beginners from potential frustrations and inspire experienced tatters to refine their techniques.

The only drawback I found in this otherwise exceptional book is the lack of attribution to the author. While anonymity can add an air of mystery, it would be beneficial to readers to know the name of the talented individual behind this remarkable guide.

All in all, The Bath Tatting Book by Anonymous is a must-have resource for anyone interested in exploring the beautiful world of tatting. With its accessible instructions, fascinating historical context, and a wide array of designs, it serves as both an educational tool and an endless source of inspiration. Whether you are a seasoned tatter or a complete novice, this book will undoubtedly ignite your creativity and open doors to a captivating and fulfilling craft.

First Page:



P. P.

Price One Shilling.

London: Emily Faithfull, Printer and Publisher in Ordinary to Her Majesty , 83A Farringdon Street, And 14 Princes Street, Hanover Square. 1865.



A Loop , written L; 2 Loops , written 2 L, and so on.

Single stitches Are formed in two ways: First, by letting the thread of the shuttle with which you are working fall over the back of the hand and pushing the shuttle from you. Secondly, by letting the thread of the shuttle with which you are working fall over the palm of the hand, and putting the shuttle through towards you. These two stitches worked together alternately make a Double stitch . But if the second be worked first and the first second, alternately, it makes a Reversed Double . This is used for the purpose of making all the work have a right and wrong side.

2 Threads When 2 threads are used, twist the one with which the stitches are to be made round the little finger, and proceed as above.

Double stitch , written D; 2 Double stitches , written 2 D, &c.

Reversed Double stitch , written R D; 2 Reversed Double stitches , written 2 R D, &c... Continue reading book >>

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