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Beyond the Frontier A Romance of Early Days in the Middle West   By: (1858-1923)

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Randall Parrish's "Beyond the Frontier: A Romance of Early Days in the Middle West" is a captivating tale that transports readers to the wild landscapes and untamed territory of the American Midwest in the 1800s. With its engaging plot, layered characters, and rich historical backdrop, Parrish skillfully weaves a story that captures the essence of an era filled with adventure, adversity, and love.

Set amidst a backdrop of sprawling prairies, dense forests, and bustling pioneer towns, the novel follows the journey of Jack Marshland, a young man seeking his fortune in the West. From the first pages, the author immerses us in the rugged beauty of the landscape and the harsh realities faced by those who dared to venture into this unknown region. Parrish's vivid descriptions create imagery so tangible that one can almost feel the biting chill of the winter winds or hear the echo of wagon wheels against the rugged terrain.

The character development in "Beyond the Frontier" is truly remarkable. Jack Marshland, the protagonist, is a relatable and multi-dimensional character, displaying both strengths and flaws that make him incredibly human. As he navigates the challenges of survival and love, we witness his growth and transformation, rendering him a character that stays with the reader long after the final page. Parrish also introduces a cast of diverse and memorable secondary characters, each contributing their own unique layers and motivations to the narrative.

Within the scope of this adventure-filled novel, Parrish artfully explores themes such as resilience, self-discovery, and the indomitable spirit of pioneers. Through the eyes of Jack Marshland, we witness the relentless hardships and dangers faced by early settlers carving out an existence in the West. Yet, amidst the untamed wilderness, there is also an underlying current of hope, as individuals strive to build a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

Beyond its captivating narrative, "Beyond the Frontier" also serves as a remarkable portrayal of the historical period it encompasses. Parrish's meticulous research is evident in his attention to detail, accurately depicting the challenges faced by pioneers, as well as the societal dynamics and cultural clashes of the era. The historical context seamlessly blends with the fictional storyline, enhancing the authenticity and depth of the narrative.

While "Beyond the Frontier" is undeniably a romance, it transcends the limitations of the genre, offering readers a captivating blend of adventure, history, and love. Parrish's masterful storytelling effortlessly transports the reader to a time when the West was still wild, and the pursuit of love and dreams carried pioneers beyond the frontiers of their imagination. With its engaging plot, vivid descriptions, and rich character development, this novel is a compelling read for anyone seeking an enthralling journey into the heart of the American Midwest.

First Page:


[Illustration: "You kiss me! Try it, Monsieur, if you doubt how my race repays insult". Page 80. Beyond the Frontier.]


A Romance of Early Days in the Middle West


Author of

"When Wilderness was King," "The Maid of the Forest," Etc.

With Frontispiece



Publishers New York

Published by Arrangements with A. C. McCLURG & Co.


A. C. McClurg & Co.


Published October, 1915

Copyrighted in Great Britain



CHAPTER PAGE I At the Home of Hugo Chevet 1 II The Choice of a Husband 16 III I Appeal for Aid 28 IV In the Palace of the Intendant 45 V The Order of La Barre 61 VI The Wife of Francois Cassion 76 VII The Two Men Meet 87 VIII I Defy Cassion 101 IX The Flames of Jealousy 115 X We Attain the Ottawa 126 XI I Gain Speech With De Artigny 136 XII On the Summit of the Bluff 148 XIII We Reach the Lake 158 XIV At St... Continue reading book >>

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