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Buchanan's Journal of Man, January 1888 Volume 1, Number 12   By: (1814-1899)

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Buchanan's Journal of Man, January 1888 Volume 1, Number 12 by Joseph R. Buchanan is a fascinating and thought-provoking piece of literature that delves into the realms of psychology, spirituality, and metaphysics. In this volume, Buchanan showcases his immense knowledge and sharp intellect, inviting readers on a captivating intellectual journey.

One of the striking aspects of this journal is Buchanan's ability to draw upon his extensive background in various academic fields to offer a unique perspective on the human mind and its connection to the universe. Through his insightful essays, Buchanan explores deep philosophical questions, such as the existence of the soul and the true nature of reality. His explorations are not limited to mere speculation but are grounded in scientific principles, making them all the more compelling.

What sets this journal apart is Buchanan's captivating writing style and his ability to communicate complex ideas in a comprehensible manner. He masterfully combines scientific theories, historical references, and personal anecdotes to provide a well-rounded and engaging reading experience. Buchanan's prose flows effortlessly, keeping readers engaged from start to finish.

Moreover, Buchanan's deep understanding of the human psyche shines throughout the journal's pages. He offers astute observations on various aspects of human behavior, shedding light on our motivations, emotions, and the underlying forces that shape our actions. Buchanan's insights are not only enlightening but also serve as a source of introspection, encouraging readers to contemplate their own existence and the intricacies of the human experience.

While the journal's age may concern some readers, Buchanan's ideas remain relevant and thought-provoking even in today's society. Many of his speculations and theories are still subjects of scientific and philosophical study, making this volume a valuable resource for those interested in delving deeper into the realms of human consciousness and metaphysics.

Despite its strengths, one drawback of Buchanan's Journal of Man is its occasional reliance on complex terminology and convoluted sentence structures, which may hinder the accessibility for some readers. However, this should not discourage those with a genuine interest in the subject matter, as the reward lies in the profound insights waiting to be discovered within the pages.

In conclusion, Buchanan's Journal of Man, January 1888 Volume 1, Number 12 is an enthralling read that merges science, philosophy, and spirituality, captivating readers with its profound insights into the human mind and its connection to the universe. Joseph R. Buchanan's intellectual prowess and his ability to weave together complex ideas make this journal a valuable addition to any scholarly library, provoking contemplation and encouraging a deeper understanding of the mysteries that lie within us.

First Page:


VOL. I. JANUARY, 1888. NO. 12.


The Pursuit of Truth Occultism defined Psychic Phenomena The Ancient Iberians The Star Dust of the Universe MISCELLANEOUS Bright Literature; The Two Worlds; Foote's Health Monthly; Psychic Theories; Twentieth Century Science, Dawning at the end of the Nineteenth; Comparative Speed of Light and Electricity; Wonderful Photography; Wooden Cloth; The Phylloxera; Falling Rents; Boston Civilization; Psychic Blundering; Beecher's Mediumship; A Scientific Cataract; Obstreperous and Pragmatic Vulgarity; Hygiene; Quinine; Life and Death; Dorothea L. Dix; The Drift of Catholicism; Juggernaut The Principal Methods of Studying the Brain Responses of Readers Medical Orthodoxy


"To be loyal to the truth is of more account than to be merely successful in formulating it." Popular Science Monthly for December.

Indeed it is; for loyalty to truth is the prior condition of success in formulating or stating it, and that loyalty not only precedes the special success in formulating it, but is the prior cause of universal success in its attainment... Continue reading book >>

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