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California Romantic and Resourceful A plea for the collection, preservation and diffusion of information relating to Pacific coast history   By: (1859-1930)

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John Francis Davis's "California Romantic and Resourceful" is an engaging and impassioned plea for the preservation, collection, and dissemination of knowledge regarding Pacific coast history. Through his insightful analysis and strong conviction, Davis highlights the importance of recognizing and understanding the past in order to shape a brighter future.

Davis takes readers on a captivating journey through California's history, making a compelling case for its significance and relevance in the larger context of American history. With meticulous research and attention to detail, he unveils the rich tapestry of stories woven into the fabric of the state, presenting a compelling argument for the need to collect and preserve this trove of knowledge.

One of the outstanding strengths of Davis's work is his ability to bridge the gap between academic scholarship and general readership. He combines rigorous historical analysis with accessible language, allowing readers from various backgrounds to engage with his ideas and insights. By presenting his arguments in a clear and concise manner, Davis ensures that his message resonates with a wider audience, not just historians or scholars.

Furthermore, Davis emphasizes the importance of preserving historical artifacts, documents, and records related to the Pacific coast's history. He aptly highlights how these resources hold immense value for the present and future generations, enabling us to learn from the past and make informed decisions. His plea for the collection and preservation of such information is both timely and urgent, reminding readers of the necessity to safeguard our shared heritage.

In addition to advocating for the preservation of historical knowledge, Davis explores the romanticism that surrounds California's history. He adeptly weaves together tales of optimism, adventure, and triumph, painting a vivid picture of the state's allure. This element not only adds emotional depth to the book but also sparks a sense of curiosity and fascination, compelling readers to delve deeper into the subject matter.

One potential limitation of Davis's work is his relatively narrow focus on the Pacific coast, which might leave readers yearning for a more comprehensive exploration of the broader American narrative. However, it is important to consider that the author's intention is to draw attention to a specific region's history, thus allowing for a more nuanced understanding of California's unique contributions to the national story.

Overall, "California Romantic and Resourceful" is an exceptional book that blends scholarship, passion, and advocacy. Davis's meticulously researched arguments, captivating storytelling, and fervent plea for the preservation of Pacific coast history make it an essential read for both historians and anyone interested in the rich tapestry of California's past. His work serves as a reminder of the power of historical knowledge in shaping our present and future, urging us to protect and cherish our collective heritage.

First Page:


Romantic and Resourceful

A plea for the Collection Preservation and Diffusion of Information Relating to Pacific Coast History


John F. Davis

The Californian loves his state because his state loves him. He returns her love with a fierce affection that to men who do not know California is always a surprise. David Starr Jordan in "California and the Californians."

As we transmit our institutions, so we shall transmit our blood and our names to future ages and populations. What altitudes shall throng these shores, what cities shall gem the borders of the sea! Here all peoples and all tongues shall meet. Here shall be a more perfect civilization, a more thorough intellectual development, a firmer faith, a more reverent worship. Perhaps, as we look back to the struggle of an earlier age, and mark the steps of our ancestors in the career we have traced, some thoughtful man of letters in ages yet to come may bring light the history of this shore or of this day. I am sure, Ludlow citizens, that whoever shall hereafter read it will perceive that our pride and joy are dimmed by no stain of selfishness. Our pride is for humanity; our joy is for the world; and amid all the wonders of past achievement and all the splendors of present success, we turn with swelling hearts to gaze into the boundless future, with the earnest conviction that will develop a universal brotherhood of man... Continue reading book >>

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