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The Calm Man   By: (1903-1994)

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The Calm Man by Frank Belknap Long is a gripping psychological thriller that keeps readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish. Set in a quiet suburban town, the story revolves around John Harmon, a seemingly ordinary man who becomes entangled in a web of deceit and paranoia.

The author masterfully builds suspense by artfully describing the inner conflicts and doubts that plague John’s mind. As the narrative progresses, the protagonist's obsession with his own safety and the fear of an impending danger intensify, leading to a constant state of unease. Long effortlessly captures the reader's attention, making it impossible to put the book down.

The plot is skillfully crafted, with unexpected twists and turns that keep the reader guessing throughout. As John delves further into the mystery surrounding his own sanity, he finds himself questioning the motives of those around him. The author weaves intricate threads of suspicion, blurring the line between reality and paranoia. This uncertainty creates an atmosphere of constant tension, leaving readers in a state of anxious anticipation.

One of the strengths of this novel lies in Long's evocative writing style. His vivid descriptions paint a picture of the eerie town and its strange inhabitants, making the setting come alive. The author's attention to detail is impeccable, immersing the reader in John's world and heightening the sense of isolation and claustrophobia.

Furthermore, Long's ability to delve into the complex psyche of his main character is commendable. John Harmon's transformation from a calm and collected man into a paranoid wreck is both unsettling and fascinating. The author's exploration of the human mind and the fragility of one's sanity is thought-provoking.

If there is one criticism, it would be that the pace of the story slows down slightly in the middle. However, this temporary lull only serves to build anticipation for the explosive climax that awaits. The resolution is both shocking and satisfying, tying up loose ends and leaving the reader in awe of Long's storytelling prowess.

In conclusion, The Calm Man is an intelligent and chilling thriller that will captivate fans of psychological suspense. Frank Belknap Long's skilled writing, engaging plot, and well-developed characters make for an enthralling reading experience. This book is highly recommended for those who enjoy delving into the depths of the human mind and exploring the darker side of human nature.

First Page:

Dip the pen of a Frank Belknap Long into a bottle of ink and the result is always bound to be a scintillating piece of brilliant imaginative science fiction. And he's done it again in the tortured story of Sally.

the calm man

by ... Frank Belknap Long

Sally watched the molten gold glow in the sky. Then knew she would not see her son and her husband ever again on Earth.

Sally Anders had never really thought of herself as a wallflower. A girl could be shy, couldn't she, and still be pretty enough to attract and hold men?

Only this morning she had drawn an admiring look from the milkman and a wolf cry from Jimmy on the corner, with his newspapers and shiny new bike. What if the milkman was crowding sixty and wore thick lensed glasses? What if Jimmy was only seventeen?

A male was a male, and a glance was a glance. Why, if I just primp a little more, Sally told herself, I'll be irresistible.

Hair ribbons and perfume, a mirror tilted at just the right angle, an invitation to a party on the dresser what more did a girl need?

"Dinner, Sally!" came echoing up from the kitchen. "Do you want to be late, child?"

Sally had no intention of being late. Tonight she'd see him across a crowded room and her heart would skip a beat. He'd look at her and smile, and come straight toward her with his shoulders squared... Continue reading book >>

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