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The Catiline Conspiracy and the Jugurthine War

The Catiline Conspiracy and the Jugurthine War by Gaius Sallustius Crispus (Sallust)
By: (86-34 BC)

Sallust's "The Catiline Conspiracy and the Jugurthine War" is a fascinating look into two key moments in Roman history. The book provides a detailed account of the conspiracies led by Catiline and the war with Jugurtha, shedding light on the political corruption and moral decay that plagued the Roman Republic during this time. Sallust's writing is engaging and vivid, painting a vivid picture of the characters and events that shaped these tumultuous periods.

The author's sharp observations and critical analysis of the political landscape make this book a valuable resource for understanding the machinations of power in ancient Rome. Sallust's account of the Catiline Conspiracy, in particular, is gripping and suspenseful, showcasing his skill as a storyteller.

Overall, "The Catiline Conspiracy and the Jugurthine War" is a significant historical document that offers valuable insights into the political intrigue and corruption that ultimately led to the downfall of the Roman Republic. Sallust's work is a must-read for anyone interested in Roman history and the complexities of power dynamics in ancient civilizations.

Book Description:

The Catiline Conspiracy and The Jugurthine War are the two separate surviving works of the historian commonly known as “Sallust”. Nearly contemporary to the events he describes, he is supposed to have been a retired officer of Caesar’s army. “Catiline” contains the history of the memorable year 63. Sallust describes Catiline as the deliberate foe of law, order and morality (although party politics may have influenced his view). Still, Sallust does recount Catiline’s noble traits, including his courage in the final battle. There is doubt among historians about whether Caesar was involved in the conspiracy; several of Catiline’s adherents who survived later joined Caesar’s side in his was against Pompey. The difficulty of Cicero’s position is thoroughly treated.

Jugurthine War records the war in Numidia c.112 BC. This war, which introduces the rivals Marius and Sulla to the Roman political scene, recounts the downfall and capture of the Numidian King Jugurtha. There is an exciting description of an agile Ligurian agent of the Roman side entering a besieged enemy city.

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