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The Chickens of Fowl Farm   By:

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The Chickens of Fowl Farm by Lena E. Barksdale is a delightful and heartwarming tale that takes readers on a journey into the charming world of Fowl Farm. Set in a lush countryside, the story follows a group of chickens as they navigate the ups and downs of farm life.

One of the book's strengths lies in the author's ability to effortlessly create a vivid and captivating setting. From the beautifully described landscapes to the cozy chicken coops, Barksdale's writing paints a picture that is both enchanting and believable. Readers will feel themselves transported to the idyllic world of Fowl Farm, where the rolling hills and sunny pastures become a character in their own right.

The characters themselves are exceptionally well-developed and endearing. Each chicken is imbued with a distinct personality, making it easy for readers to become emotionally invested in their individual stories. From the determined and curious Henrietta to the wise and kind-hearted Old Henny, the chickens of Fowl Farm are a lovable and relatable bunch. Their friendships, rivalries, and triumphs are delicately woven together, creating a vibrant and engaging narrative.

Barksdale's writing style is engaging and accessible, making this book suitable for readers of all ages. The prose flows smoothly, keeping the plot moving at a steady pace without sacrificing depth. With each turn of the page, the story gathers momentum, drawing readers in and leaving them eager to discover what happens next. The author expertly balances lighthearted moments with more poignant and profound themes, ensuring that readers experience a range of emotions throughout the book.

Furthermore, The Chickens of Fowl Farm boasts a strong underlying theme of unity, friendship, and the importance of community. The chickens face a variety of challenges that require them to work together, reminding readers of the value of cooperation and mutual support. This particular aspect of the story is delivered with a light touch, allowing readers to glean valuable life lessons without feeling overwhelmed.

In conclusion, The Chickens of Fowl Farm is a captivating and wonderfully crafted book that will leave readers both entertained and inspired. Lena E. Barksdale's storytelling skills shine through in every page, creating a world that readers will not want to leave behind. Whether you're a fan of heartwarming animal tales or simply enjoy novels that leave a lasting impression, this book is a must-read. Barksdale's delightful characters, enthralling writing style, and universal themes make The Chickens of Fowl Farm a truly unforgettable reading experience.

First Page:


A Story




Kodak Illustrations by the Authoress

Published by Allen, Lane & Scott Philadelphia 1898

Copyright, 1898. by Lena E. Barksdale.


I have written this little chicken book in the past few months, and now on my eleventh birthday the story is finished.

The "other critters" have talked to the world through "Uncle Remus." The horses through "Black Beauty"; now I wish to give the chickens a chance.

Most of them I write of are members of my own family, so I know them well.

L. E. B.

August 22d, 1898.




"Why is it, I would like to know," said young Scratchfoot, throwing the sand over himself, "that every one is talking and carrying on of a hot Summer day the very time you ought to go to sleep?"

"Hush up, Scratchfoot," said Topknot, "we are having a very lively conversation. Uncle Red Nose Mike has just asked a riddle, which none of us can guess. But you can, so get up and try."

Scratchfoot yawned and then said, "Mr. Mike, what is your riddle? I will try my hand at it. What is it?"

"What kind of a cravat would our friend Mr. Hog be most likely to choose?" said Red Nose Mike, then added: "I have offered a prize of those six worms I found just now to the one that tells me what it is... Continue reading book >>

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