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Christie Redfern's Troubles   By: (1821-1897)

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Christie Redfern's Troubles is a charming and captivating novel written by Margaret M. Robertson. Set in a small English village, the book instantly transports readers to a world filled with secrets, love, and unexpected twists.

The story revolves around the life of the resilient and intelligent protagonist, Christie Redfern. At just twenty-two years old, Christie finds herself facing an array of problems that feel too heavy for someone her age. However, her tenacity and determination keep her moving forward despite life's challenges.

Robertson beautifully portrays Christie as a multidimensional character, allowing readers to connect with her on a personal level. Christie's struggles with her career, family, and personal relationships are relatable and evoke empathy from the readers. This emotional connection with the protagonist makes the narrative all the more engaging.

The author's writing style is elegant and descriptive, bringing the idyllic English countryside to life. Through picturesque descriptions, Robertson succeeds in creating a vivid backdrop against which the story unfolds. The reader can easily imagine the quaint village, the vibrant characters, and the lush landscapes.

One of the strengths of Christie Redfern's Troubles lies in its well-developed supporting characters. Each individual is intricately woven into the narrative, making their presence and their impact on Christie's life significant. Whether it's the elusive mystery surrounding her grandmother or the romantic entanglements with two very different suitors, the complexities of Christie's relationships give depth to the story.

Furthermore, the novel boasts a well-crafted plot that keeps readers engaged from the first page. As Christie navigates through personal and professional trials, various subplots seamlessly intertwine, enhancing the overall narrative. Robertson skillfully keeps readers guessing, with unexpected twists and turns that leave us eager to uncover the truth behind Christie's troubles.

However, there are moments in the story where the pacing feels a bit slow, especially in the beginning. While the book eventually finds its stride, those looking for a fast-paced and action-packed read might feel slightly impatient during certain sections of the story.

Nonetheless, Christie Redfern's Troubles is an enchanting tale that explores themes of love, dreams, and self-discovery. Margaret M. Robertson's elegant prose, well-developed characters, and skillful storytelling make this novel a delightful read. With its charming setting and engaging plot, this book has all the elements needed to captivate those who enjoy heartfelt novels set in picturesque locales.

First Page:

Christie Redfern's Troubles

By Margaret Robertson This author's books tend to be a bit religious, and this is no exception. On the mother's death the Redfern family moved to Canada, where there was a strong Scottish tradition, with preacher and kirk much as they had been in Scotland, and with many of the services in Gaelic, the language which many of these Scottish emigrants had spoken since their birth. The family settle on a small farm, bringing up the children, including Christie, in a good Christian manner.

As with other of Mrs Robertson's books much of the action takes place in the young girls' minds, and we do not have a lot to do with the four boys of the family. There are neighbouring families, including the Nesbitt's, in a similar status.

The actual copy of the book used was in very good condition, and we scanned it in at a high resolution, but we discovered that some of the type setting and the original proof reading had not been too good for some of the punctuation marks were missing. I am referring to full stops at the ends of paragraphs, and that sort of thing. We have done our utmost to set this matter right, as well as dealing with places where the type had become damaged.

The book makes a nice peaceful slow moving audiobook... Continue reading book >>

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