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Color Value   By: (1858-1935)

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Color Value by C. R. (Chandler Robbins) Clifford is a captivating exploration of the significance and impact of color in our lives. In this thought-provoking book, Clifford delves into the complex realm of color theory, inviting readers to contemplate the numerous ways in which color influences our perceptions, emotions, and the very essence of our existence.

The author’s meticulous research and in-depth knowledge shine through in every chapter, as he skillfully navigates the intricacies of color symbolism, cultural associations, and physiological reactions. Clifford’s writing is clear, concise, and accessible, making the subject matter accessible to both experts and beginners alike. He seamlessly weaves scientific explanations with historical anecdotes, guiding the reader through a comprehensive understanding of how color has evolved and continues to shape our world.

One of the most captivating aspects of Color Value is Clifford’s ability to convey the sheer breadth of perspectives on color. From ancient civilizations to modern art movements, he carefully examines the ways in which color has been revered, feared, and manipulated throughout history. By meticulously analyzing the works of influential painters, architects, and designers, Clifford highlights the pivotal role of color in shaping the aesthetics of various periods.

Moreover, Color Value goes beyond the realm of visual art and delves into the impact of color in fields such as advertising, psychology, and even medicine. Cliffard masterfully navigates these diverse domains, shedding light on the ways in which color has been harnessed to evoke specific emotions, influence consumer behavior, and even aid in healing processes. His ability to contextualize color within these realms demonstrates his profound understanding of the subject matter and further serves to engage readers with its broader implications.

However, the book does have a tendency to become overly technical at times, which may alienate readers who do not possess a strong background in color theory. Although Clifford’s explanations are generally clear, a deeper understanding of the subject matter would be beneficial in fully grasping some of the more nuanced concepts explored.

Overall, Color Value is an illuminating exploration of the power and significance of color in our lives. Clifford’s comprehensive research, engaging writing style, and thought-provoking insights make this book a worthwhile read for anyone who seeks to deepen their understanding of the complexities and beauty of color.

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Color Value


Published by CLIFFORD & LAWTON 373 Fourth Avenue, New York

Copyrighted, 1907 By Clifford & Lawton

Fourth Edition




Whatever is good in interior decoration is the result of consistent relationship between Light, Color, Form, Proportion and Dimensions. The choice of Color should be guided by the conditions of Light. The beauty of Form and the symmetry of Proportion can exist only by a balance with Dimensions.

Therefore, apart from any knowledge of historic or period decoration, effective or successful work must observe the technical laws governing conditions.


1. The white light of the sun is compounded of an almost innumerable number of color elements, as shown by the phenomena of the rainbow or by experimenting with the prism. (See ¶ 7.) When a ray of sunshine passes through a glass prism it is decomposed or separated, and if the prismatic colors are received upon a white screen you will find on the spectrum among the colors generated a pure blue, a pure red and a pure yellow... Continue reading book >>

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