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A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary For the Use of Students   By: (1855-)

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A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary For the Use of Students by J.R. Clark Hall is an indispensable tool for anyone delving into the vast and intricate world of Old English. Although its title may be modest, this dictionary is anything but; it encompasses a comprehensive range of words and phrases, allowing readers to navigate their way through the complex linguistic landscape of the Anglo-Saxon period.

The dictionary exudes a sense of meticulousness, with its careful selection of entries that cover both common and obscure terms. Its concise nature makes it accessible to students and scholars alike, offering a succinct yet profound exploration of Old English vocabulary.

One of the strengths of this dictionary is its clarity and ease of use. Entries are meticulously organized and present in a format that allows for quick referencing. Each entry includes a detailed definition, grammatical information, and often multiple examples of the word's usage in Old English texts. This wealth of contextual information not only aids in understanding the meaning of the words but also provides a glimpse into the cultural and historical context in which they were used.

Moreover, A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary features a useful introduction that offers valuable insights into the grammar and pronunciation of Old English. This introductory section serves as a helpful guide for beginners, providing them with a solid foundation from which to begin their journey into the intricacies of this ancient language.

While the dictionary does an excellent job at covering a broad range of vocabulary, there may be occasions where readers encounter a term that is not included. Nevertheless, this is a minor drawback in a work that encompasses such an extensive vocabulary, and one can always resort to more extensive dictionaries for those exceptional cases.

In summary, A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary For the Use of Students by J.R. Clark Hall is a masterfully curated resource that enables readers to navigate the complexities of the Old English language with ease. Its clarity, comprehensive coverage, and valuable contextual information make it an indispensable companion for anyone studying or researching this fascinating period in linguistic history. Whether one is a student, scholar, or simply an enthusiast, this dictionary is a valuable asset that will enrich their understanding and appreciation of the Anglo-Saxon world.

First Page:

[Transcriber's Note:

This text is intended for users whose text readers cannot use the "real" (Unicode, UTF 8) version of the file. Some compromises have been made, mainly in the spelling of Old English.

Where possible, macrons ("long" marks) are shown with circumflex accents: â ê î ô û Long æ is split up as ¯æ, while long y is approximated with ý. (The dictionary rarely uses acute accents, and never for Old English.) The "oe" ligature (rare) is shown in brackets as [oe]. Greek words and letters (also rare) have been transliterated and are shown between marks. The "dagger" and "double dagger" symbols have been replaced with ¶ and § respectively; the and ± symbols are as printed.

Unless otherwise noted, words are spelled and alphabetized as in the original.

The letter æ is alphabetized as "ae". The letter ð (eth) is alphabetized separately after "t". The letters j and v are not used; medial k occurs only once. When two words are otherwise identical, the one containing a macron is usually given second.

Cross references are shown as printed. When there is an error or ambiguity, corrections are given in [[double brackets]] at the end of the entry or as a separate paragraph. Where possible, these standard wordings were used:

under "mûs" The referenced word is either a secondary entry or a parenthesized alternative spelling in the form "mûs (ý)"... Continue reading book >>

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