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Cottage Poems   By: (1777-1861)

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Cottage Poems by Patrick Brontë offers readers a delightful collection of poems that transport us to the quiet and rustic charm of a cottage in the English countryside. Written by the father of the famous Brontë sisters, this collection reveals the poetic prowess and creative spirit that clearly runs in the family.

Throughout the pages of Cottage Poems, Brontë's love for nature and his surroundings shines brightly. His vivid descriptions paint a picturesque image of the countryside, evoking a sense of tranquility and nostalgia. From flowing rivers and blooming flowers to the gentle breeze and songs of birds, each poem brings to life the beauty and simplicity of rural life.

What sets these poems apart is Brontë's ability to infuse his verses with emotions. Whether it's expressing joy, sorrow, or introspection, the words resonate deeply with readers. Brontë's verses delve into themes of love, loss, the passing of time, and the inevitable cycles of life. Through his words, he explores the human experience with sensitivity and insight.

The collection also showcases Brontë's experimentation with different poetic forms and structures. From sonnets and ballads to lyrical verses, he displays a versatility in his craft, constantly engaging the reader with his diverse writing styles. Each poem carries its own unique rhythm and flow, keeping the readers hooked from start to finish.

Another noteworthy aspect of Cottage Poems is the sense of moral guidance embedded within the verses. Brontë's poems often contain underlying themes of virtue, morality, and the importance of leading a virtuous life. These moral messages serve as a reminder to readers, offering them wisdom and guidance through the lens of poetry.

However, in some instances, the language and style may seem archaic and unfamiliar to modern readers. While it is a mark of the period in which the poems were written, it may pose a slight challenge for those unaccustomed to this style. Nonetheless, it adds to the authenticity and charm of the poems, preserving the historical context in which they were created.

Overall, Cottage Poems by Patrick Brontë is a beautiful and heartfelt collection of poems that encapsulates the beauty of rural life in 19th-century England. Brontë's lyrical verses, infused with emotions and moral guidance, transport readers to a simpler time and offer a glimpse into the poetic talent that defined the Brontë family. This collection is a must-read for both poetry enthusiasts and admirers of the Brontë sisters' literary legacy.

First Page:



When warm'd with zeal, my rustic Muse Feels fluttering fain to tell her news, And paint her simple, lowly views With all her art, And, though in genius but obtuse, May touch the heart.

Of palaces and courts of kings She thinks but little, never sings, But wildly strikes her uncouth strings In some pool cot, Spreads o'er the poor hen fostering wings, And soothes their lot.

Well pleased is she to see them smile, And uses every honest wile To mend then hearts, their cares beguile, With rhyming story, And lend them to then God the while, And endless glory.

Perchance, my poor neglected Muse Unfit to harass or amuse, Escaping praise and loud abuse, Unheard, unknown, May feed the moths and wasting dews, As some have done.

Her aims are good, howe'er they end Here comes a foe, and there a friend, These point the dart and those defend, Whilst some deride her; But God will sweetest comforts blend, Whate'er betide her.

Thus heaven supported, forth she goes Midst flatterers, critics, friends, and foes; Secure, since He who all things knows Approves her aim, And kindly fans, or fostering blows Her sinking flame... Continue reading book >>

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