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Delsarte System of Oratory   By:

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1. The Complete Work of L'Abbé Delaumosne

2. The Complete Work of Mme. Angélique Arnaud

3. All the Literary Remains of François Delsarte (Given in his own words)

4. The Lecture and Lessons Given by Mme. Marie Géraldy (Delsarte's Daughter) in America

5. Articles by Alfred Giraudet, Francis A. Durivage, and Hector Berlioz

Fourth Edition New York Edgar S. Werner 1893

Copyright By Edgar S. Werner 1882, 1884, 1887, 1892


Delaumosne On Delsarte.

Biographical Sketch Preface

Part First.


Chapter I.

Preliminary Ideas Criterion of the Oratorical Art.

Chapter II. Of The Voice.

Organic Apparatus of the Voice The Voice in Relation to Compass The Voice in Relation to Vowels Practical Conclusions

Chapter III. The Voice in Relation to Intensity of Sound.

What is Understood by Intensity of Sound Means of Augmenting the Timbre of the Voice Rules for Intensity of Sound

Chapter IV.

The Voice in Relation to Measure.

Of Slowness and Rapidity in Oratorical Delivery Of Respiration and Silence Inflections Rules of Inflection Special Inflections

Part Second.


Chapter I. Of Gesture in General

Chapter II. Definition and Division of Gesture.

Gesture is the Direct Agent of the Heart Gesture is the Interpreter of Speech Gesture is an Elliptical Language

Chapter III. Origin and Oratorical Value of Gesture

Chapter IV. The Laws of Gesture.

The Priority of Gesture to Speech Retroaction Opposition of Agents Number of Gestures Duration of Gesture The Rhythm of Gesture Importance of the Laws of Gesture

Chapter V. Of Gesture in Particular.

The Head Movements of the head: The Normal State, The Eccentric State, The Concentric State Of the Eyes Of the Eyebrows

Chapter VI. Of The Torso.

The Chest The Shoulders.

Chapter VII. Of The Limbs.

The Arms Inflections of the Forearm Of the Elbow Of the Wrist Of the Hand: The Digital Face, The Back Face, The Palmar Face Of the Fingers Of the Legs.

Chapter VIII. Of the Semeiotic, or the Reason of Gesture.

The Types which Characterize Gesture Of Gesture Relative to its Modifying Apparatus

Chapter IX. Of Gesture in Relation to the Figures Which Represent It.

Part Third. Articulate Language.

Chapter I. Origin and Organic Apparatus of Language.

Chapter II. Elements of Articulate Language.

Chapter III. The Oratorical Value of Speech.

Chapter IV. The Value of Words in Phrases.

The Conjunction The Interjection in Relation to its Degree of Value A Resumé of the Degrees of Value

Chapter V. French and Latin Prosody

Chapter VI. Method.

Dictation Exercises

Chapter VII. A Series Of Gestures For Exercises.

Preliminary Reflections The Series of Gestures Applied to the Sentiments Oftenest Expressed by the Orator: (1) Interpellation; (2) Thanks, Affectionate and Ceremonious; (3) Attraction; (4) Surprise and Assurance; (5) Devotion; (6) Interrogative Surprise; (7) Reiterated Interrogation; (8) Anger; (9) Menace; (10) An Order for Leaving; (11) Reiteration; (12) Fright Important Remarks



Arnaud On Delsarte.

Part Fourth.

Chapter I. The Bases of the Science

Chapter II. The Method.

Ellipsis Shades and Inflections Vocal Music Respiration Position of the Tone Preparation of the Initial Consonant Exercises Appoggiatura Roulades and Martellato Pronunciation E mute before a Consonant E mute before a Vowel.

Chapter III. Was Delsarte a Philosopher?

Chapter IV. Course of Applied Æsthetics.

Meeting of the Circle of Learned Societies Theory of the Degrees.

Chapter V. The Recitation of Fables.

Chapter VI. The Law of Æsthetics.

Chapter VII. The Elements of Art... Continue reading book >>

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