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The Devil's Asteroid   By: (1903-1986)

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The Devil's Asteroid by Manly Wade Wellman is a thrilling science fiction novel that seamlessly combines elements of adventure and horror. Set in a not-too-distant future, the story takes readers on a mesmerizing journey through the vast reaches of space.

The protagonist, Dr. Austin, is a brilliant scientist who finds himself embroiled in a high-stakes mission to unravel the mysteries of a peculiar asteroid hurtling towards Earth. As the asteroid makes its approach, its sinister aura becomes apparent, spreading an unnerving dread among the scientific community. Dr. Austin, driven by his insatiable curiosity and relentless determination, assembles a team to intercept and study the celestial object.

Wellman's meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout the narrative, immersing the reader in a vivid and realistic depiction of space exploration. The scientific explanations and discussions are both informative and accessible, allowing readers with varying levels of scientific knowledge to fully grasp the concepts presented.

The character development in The Devil's Asteroid is particularly noteworthy. Dr. Austin's unwavering commitment to his mission, coupled with his insecurities and personal struggles, make him a relatable and complex protagonist. The supporting characters, while not as extensively explored, bring a diverse range of skills and personalities to the team, enhancing the overall depth of the story.

One of the novel's greatest strengths lies in its ability to infuse a sense of palpable tension and fear. As the team draws closer to the mysterious asteroid, their encounters with unexplainable phenomena and eerie events intensify. Wellman skillfully builds suspense, leading readers down a labyrinth of uncertainty and speculation.

The Devil's Asteroid is a captivating book that seamlessly blends genres, offering readers an engaging and unforgettable ride through the unforgiving expanse of space. Wellman's prose is eloquent and engaging, enabling readers to escape into a world where scientific exploration dances with elements of the supernatural. With its compelling characters, intricate plot, and spine-tingling suspense, this novel is an absolute must-read for science fiction and horror enthusiasts alike.

First Page:

Transcriber's note. This etext was produced from Comet July 1941. Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the U.S. copyright on this publication was renewed.



[Illustration: The Rock Bred Evolution in Reverse ]

It was not very large, as asteroids go, but about it clung a silvery mist of atmosphere. Deeper flashes through the mist betokened water, and green patches hinted of rich vegetation. The space patroller circled the little world knowledgeably, like a wasp buzzing around an apple. In the control room, by the forward ports, the Martian skipper addressed his Terrestrial companion.

"I wissh you joy of yourr new home," he purred. Like many Martians, he was braced upright on his lower tentacles by hoops and buckles around his bladdery body, so that he had roughly a human form, over which lay a strange loose armor of light plates. In the breathing hole of his petal tufted skull was lodged an artificial voice box that achieved words. "I rregrret "

Fitzhugh Parr glowered back. He was tall, even for a man of Earth, and his long jawed young face darkened with wrath. "Regret nothing," he snapped. "You're jolly glad to drop me on this little hell."

"Hell?" repeated the Martian reproachfully. "But it iss a ssplendid miniaturre worrld nineteen of yourr miless in diameterr, with arrtificial grravity centerr to hold airr and waterr; ssown, too, with Terresstrrial plantss... Continue reading book >>

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