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Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon or Indian Trade Language of the North Pacific Coast   By:

Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon or Indian Trade Language of the North Pacific Coast by T.N. Hibben & Co. [Publisher]

First Page:

{ Transcriber's Notes:

Punctuations and capitalization have been adjusted from the original text for consistency and readability.

Some instances of inconsistent spellings were adjusted when found corrected in an alternate edition of this book. Other inconsistent spellings that did not have a clear resolution remain as found in the original text. }


VICTORIA, B. C. T. N. HIBBEN CO., Publishers. Government Street, 1889.

Entered according to Act of Parliament of Canada, in the year 1877, by T. N. HIBBEN, in the Office of the Minister of Agriculture.

JAS. A. COHEN, Book and Job Printer, Victoria, B. C.



Ah ha, adv. Yes.

Ahn kut te, or Ahn kot tie. Formerly; before now. With the accent prolonged on the first syllable, a long time ago. Ex. Ahnkutte lakit sun, four days ago; tenas ahnkutte, a little while since.

Al ah. Expression of surprise. Ex. Alah mika chahko! ah, you've come!

Al kie. Presently; in a little while; hold on; not so fast.

Al ta. Now; at the present time.

A mo te. The strawberry.

An ah, interj. An exclamation denoting pain, displeasure or depreciation. Ex. Anah nawitka mika halo shem; ah, indeed you are without shame.

Ats, n. A sister younger than the speaker.

A yah whul, v. To lend; borrow.


Be be. A word used toward children; a kiss; to kiss.

Bed, n. A bed.

Bit or Mit. A dime.

Bloom, n. A broom. Mamook bloom, to sweep.

Boat. A boat, as distinguished from a canoe.

Bos ton, n. , adj. An American. Boston illahie, the United States.

Bur dash. An hermaphrodite.


Cal li peen, n. A rifle.

Ca nim, n. A canoe. Canim stick, the cedar, or wood from which canoes are usually made.

Ca po. A coat.

Chah ko. To come; to become. Ex. Kanish mika chahko? when did you come? Chahko kloshe, to get well.

Chack chack. The bald eagle.

Chee. Lately; just now; new. Chee nika ko, I have just arrived. Hyas chee, entirely new.

Chet lo or Jet lo, n. An oyster.

Chet woot. A black bear.

Chick a min, n. , adj. Iron; metal; metallic. T'kope chikamin, silver; pil chickamin, gold or copper. Chickamin lope, wire; a chain.

Chik chik. A wagon or cart.

Chil chil. Buttons.

Chitsh, n. A grandmother.

Chope, n. A grandfather.

Cho tub, n. A flea.

Chuck, n. Water; a river or stream. Salt chuck, the sea. Skookum chuck, a rapid. Solleks chuck, a rough sea. Chuck chahko or kalipi, the tide rises or falls; saghilli and keekwillie chuck, high and low tide.

Chuck kiu. To kick.

Close. See Kloshe.

Cly, v. To cry.

Cole, adj. Cold. Cole illahie, winter. Icht cole, a year. Cole sick waum sick, the fever and ague.

Comb. A comb. Mamook comb, to comb. Mamook comb illahie, to harrow.

Coo ley. To run. Cooley kiuatan, a race horse. Yahka hyas kumtuks cooley, he can i.e. knows how to run well.

Coop coop, n. Shell money. See Hykwa.

Co sho, n. A hog; pork. Siwash cosho, a seal.

Cultus, adj. Worthless; good for nothing; without purpose. Ex. Cultus man, a worthless fellow; cultus potlatch, a present or free gift; cultus heehee, a jest; merely laughing; cultus nannitsh, to look around; cultus mitlite, to sit idle; cultus klatawa, to stroll. Ques. What do you want? Ans. Cultus, i.e. nothing.


De late. Straight; direct. Ex... Continue reading book >>

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