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Directives from the Guardian   By: (1897-1957)

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Directives from the Guardian

by Shoghi Effendi

Edition 1, (September 2006)


You have permission to freely make and use copies of the text and any other information ("Content") available on this Site including printing, emailing, posting, distributing, copying, downloading, uploading, transmitting, displaying the Content in whole or in part subject to the following:

1. Our copyright notice and the source reference must be attached to the Content;

2. The Content may not be modified or altered in any way except to change the font or appearance;

3. The Content must be used solely for a non commercial purpose.

Although this blanket permission to reproduce the Content is given freely such that no special permission is required, the Bahá'í International Community retains full copyright protection for all Content included at this Site under all applicable national and international laws.

For permission to publish, transmit, display or otherwise use the Content for any commercial purpose, please contact us (


Baha'i Terms of Use 1: 'ABDU'L BAHÁ (Stories About) 2: 'ABDU'L BAHÁ'S MINISTRY (Re: World Objectives) 3: ADMINISTRATION Attitude Towards (National Assembly's Statement Approved) 4: ADMINISTRATION, BAHÁ'Í (Rules and Regulations) 5: ADMINISTRATION (Study and Apply) 6: ADMINISTRATIVE MACHINERY (Related to America) 7: AFRICAN STUDENTS AND VISITORS 8: AGES AND EPOCHS (Define) 9: ALLÁH U ABHÁ (Bahá'í Greeting) 10: ANNUAL CONVENTION 11: AQDAS (THE) LAWS OF 12: ARCHIVES (The Importance Of) 13: ARCHIVES 14: ASSEMBLIES UNITY OF (Bahá'u'lláh's Promise) 15: ASSEMBLY MEETINGS 16: ASSEMBLY VACANCY 17: ASSOCIATE COMMITTEE MEMBERS (Appointing of) 18: ATTACKS FROM CHURCH MISSIONARIES 19: BÁB, DECLARATION OF 20: BÁB'S PHOTOGRAPH 21: BAHÁ'Í DISPENSATION (Duration of) 22: BAHÁ'ÍS (Destiny of) 23: BAHÁ'ÍS NEW (On Admittance of New Applicants) 24: BAHÁ'ÍS NEW (On Presenting the Master's Will to New Applicants) 25: BAHÁ'ÍS NEW (Qualifications of a New Believer) 26: BAHÁ'ÍS NEW (The "Two Extremes" in Bringing in New Bahá'ís) 27: BAHÁ'ÍS (Two Kinds of) 28: BAHÁ'Í WAY OF LIFE (The Strength of the Cause) 29: BAHÁ'U'LLÁH (In accepting) 30: BELIEVERS, NEW (Accept Cause Without Qualifications) 31: BELIEVERS, REMOVAL OF 32: BIBLE (Authenticity of the) 33: CALENDAR (BAHÁ'Í) 34: CALIPHATE AND IMÁMATE 35: CATASTROPHE (The Apocalyptic Upheaval) 36: CIVIL COURTS (Disputes) 37: CIVIL ELECTIONS (Voting in) 38: COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS (Assembly Members) 39: COMMITTEES' RESPONSIBILITIES 40: CONTRIBUTION 41: CONTRIBUTIONS (Lifting the Burden of Misery from Mankind) 42: CONTRIBUTIONS ARE VOLUNTARY 43: COVENANT (Meaning of Bahá'í) 44: COVENANT BREAKERS (Expulsion and Reinstatement of) 45: COVENANT BREAKERS (Shun) 46: CRIMSON BOOK (The) 47: CRITICISM 48: CRITICISM (On) 49: DANIEL, THE PROPHECY OF 50: DISPENSATION OF BAHÁ'U'LLÁH 51: DISPUTES, INDIVIDUAL (Consultation with Assembly) 52: DRAMA MANIFESTATIONS (Dramatic Works) 53: DRAMA OF THE FAITH 54: ECONOMIC TEACHINGS 55: ECONOMICS BAHÁ'Í 56: ECONOMIC TEACHINGS 57: EDUCATION (On Inability of Modern Education to Produce a Mature Mind) 58: ELDERS (Four and Twenty) 59: ELECTION (Acceptance of) 60: ELECTIONS (BAHÁ'Í) 61: ELECTIONS (BAHÁ'Í) (To Administrative Posts) 62: ELECTIONS (Assembly Voting) 63: ELECTIONS (The Character of Bahá'í) 64: ELECTION OF NATIONAL ASSEMBLIES (Radical Changes Not Advised) 65: ELECTIONS, REGARDING (In the United States) 66: EMMANUEL, HIS HIGHNESS 67: ESPERANTO (The Subject of) 68: EVOLUTION, MAN'S 69: FAMILY TIES, SPIRITUAL TIES (Vs.) 70: FAST (Necessary Permission For) 71: FASTING (The Ordinance of) 72: FAST (THE) 73: FEAST DAY (Changing Observance of) 74: FEAST (Nature of) 75: NAW RÚZ FEAST (Observance of Feast Day Calendar) 76: NAW RÚZ, TIME OF CELEBRATION OF 77: FEAST (Time for Holding) 78:... Continue reading book >>

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