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Dry-Farming : a System of Agriculture for Countries under a Low Rainfall   By: (1872-1952)

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Dry-Farming: A System of Agriculture for Countries under a Low Rainfall by John Andreas Widtsoe is an insightful and comprehensive guide to an often overlooked aspect of agriculture. In this book, Widtsoe explores the innovative techniques and practices of dry farming, specifically tailored for regions with scarce rainfall.

The author begins by providing a thorough understanding of the challenges faced in these arid regions, including limited water resources and unpredictable weather patterns. He then delves into the core principles of dry farming, offering practical advice on soil management, crop selection, and water conservation.

One of the book's strengths lies in Widtsoe's ability to articulate complex ideas in a clear and concise manner. Through his lucid explanations and well-structured chapters, he makes the science behind dry farming accessible to both amateur and professional farmers. Furthermore, he supports his theories with practical examples and case studies from various countries, illustrating their successful implementation and practicality.

The inclusion of visual aids such as diagrams, charts, and photographs further enhances the reading experience, helping readers grasp the concepts more effectively. These visual materials effectively illustrate the step-by-step processes involved in dry farming, allowing for a deeper understanding of the techniques described.

Widtsoe's passion for sustainable agriculture and his unwavering commitment to environmental conservation are palpable throughout the book. He emphasizes the importance of preserving natural resources and using them judiciously. His suggestions for implementing innovative irrigation methods and utilizing drought-resistant crops provide tangible, eco-friendly solutions to combat the challenges faced in arid regions.

Moreover, the author's historical references add depth to the book, uncovering the origins of dry farming and highlighting its significance in agricultural history. Widtsoe's extensive research and incorporation of various sources lend credibility to his arguments and make this book a valuable resource for anyone interested in the subject.

However, it must be noted that Dry-Farming: A System of Agriculture for Countries under a Low Rainfall was written in the early 20th century, and some of the specific techniques and technologies discussed may have evolved since then. While the core principles of dry farming remain relevant, readers should supplement their knowledge with more contemporary research and practices.

Overall, Dry-Farming: A System of Agriculture for Countries under a Low Rainfall is a seminal work that deserves recognition for its contribution to the field of dry farming. John Andreas Widtsoe's expertise and passion shine through, making this book an essential read for farmers, agricultural enthusiasts, and anyone interested in sustainable farming practices in arid regions.

First Page:

Edited by Charles Aldarondo (










JUNE 1, 1910


Nearly six tenths of the earth's land surface receive an annual rainfall of less than twenty inches, and can be reclaimed for agricultural purposes only by irrigation and dry farming. A perfected world system of irrigation will convert about one tenth of this vast area into an incomparably fruitful garden, leaving about one half of the earth's land surface to be reclaimed, if at all, by the methods of dry farming. The noble system of modern agriculture has been constructed almost wholly in countries of abundant rainfall, and its applications are those demanded for the agricultural development of humid regions. Until recently irrigation was given scant attention, and dry farming, with its world problem of conquering one half of the earth, was not considered. These facts furnish the apology for the writing of this book.

One volume, only, in this world of many books, and that less than a year old, is devoted to the exposition of the accepted dry farm practices of to day.

The book now offered is the first attempt to assemble and organize the known facts of science in their relation to the production of plants, without irrigation, in regions of limited rainfall... Continue reading book >>

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