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The Education of Children   By: (1469-1536)

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[Transcriber's Note:

This text is intended for users whose text readers cannot use the "real" (Unicode/UTF 8) version of the file. Characters that could not be fully displayed have been "unpacked" and shown in brackets:

[en], [em] = e with overline [un], [um] = u with overline i with overline does not occur

The forms ã (for an, am) and õ (for om, on) have been retained.

The text is based on scans of two different physical copies. In a few cases, the two versions have different spelling, or one has an error where the other does not. These are noted at the end of the file along with the general list of errors and an explanation of paragraph breaks.

Superscripts are shown with carets: w^t, y^e. All pilcrows ¶ in the body text were added by the transcriber (see endnotes).

The book was originally (1550) printed together with Richard Sherry's A Treatise of Schemes and Tropes . Since the two texts have no connection except that Sherry is assumed to be the translator, they have been made into separate e texts.]

¶ A treatise of Schemes & Tropes very profytable for the better vnderstanding of good authors, gathered out of the best Grammarians & Oratours by Rychard Sherry Lon doner.

Whervnto is added a declamacion, That chyldren euen strayt frõ their infancie should be well and gent ly broughte vp in learnynge. Written fyrst in Latin by the most excel lent and famous Clearke, Erasmus of Rotero dame.

That chyldren oughte to be taught and brought vp g[en]tly in vertue and learnynge, and that euen forthwyth from theyr na tiuitie: A declamacion of a briefe theme, by E rasmus of Rote rodame.

If thou wilt harken vnto me, or rather to Chrisippus, the sharpeste witted of Philosophers, y^u shalte prouide y^t thyne infante and yonge babe be forthewyth instructed in good learnyng, whylest hys wyt is yet voyde from tares and vices, whilest his age is tender and tractable, and his mind flexible and ready to folowe euery thyng, and also wyl kepe fast good lessons and preceptes. For we rem[em]ber nothynge so well when we be olde, as those thynges y^t we learne in yonge yeres. [Sidenote: Diuision of y^t confutaciõ] Care not thou for those fooles wordes which chatter that thys age, partly is not hable inough to receiue discipline, & partlye vnmete to abyde the labours of studies. For fyrst, the beginninges of learning, stãd specially by memorie, which as I sayd, in yõg ones is very holdfast. Secondly because nature hath made vs to knowledge the study of y^t thynge can not be to hasty, wherof y^e author of al thyng her self hath graffed in vs y^e seedes. Beside this some thinges be necessary to be know[en] wh[en] we be s[um]what elder, which by a cert[en] peculier readines of nature, y^e tender age perceiueth both much more quickly, & also more esily th[en] doth y^e elder, as y^e first beginnings of letters, y^e knowledge of tõges, tales & fabels of poetes. Finallye, why shulde y^t age be thought vnmete to lerning, which is apt to lerne maners? Or what other thinge shuld chyldr[en] do rather wh[en] they be more able to speake, seyng nedes thei muste do sumwhat? How much more profite is it y^t age to sporte in letters, then in trifles? Thou wilt say y^t it is but of litle value y^t is done in those fyrste yeres. Why is it dispised as a smal thing, which is necessary to a very greate matter? And why is y^t lucre, be it neuer so litle, yet a lucre, dispised of purpose? Now if you oft[en] put a lytle to a litle, there riseth a greate heape. Herewith cõsider this also, if beyng an infant he lerne smaller thinges, he shalt lerne greter, growynge vpwardes in those yeres, in which those smaller shuld haue ben lerned. Finally whyle he doth these thinges, at y^e least he shal be kept frõ those fautes, wherw^t we se com[en]ly y^t age to be infected... Continue reading book >>

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