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The Eugenic Marriage, Volume I. (of IV.) A Personal Guide to the New Science of Better Living and Better Babies   By: (1868-)

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Transcriber's note: A few typographical errors have been corrected: they are listed at the end of the text.

[Illustration: Eugenics Hath Its Own Reward]

The Eugenic Marriage

A Personal Guide to the New Science of Better Living and Better Babies


College of Physicians and Surgeons (Columbia University), New York; Member of County Medical Society, and of the American Medical Association

In Four Volumes


New York



Copyright, 1913, by W. GRANT HAGUE

Copyright, 1914, by W. GRANT HAGUE


NOTE The Roman numerals I, II, III and IV indicate the volume; the Arabic figures 1, 2, 3, etc., indicate the page number.

Accidents and emergencies, IV, 629.

Accouchement Beds, how to prepare, I, 65.

Acne, IV, 576.

Adenoids, IV, 519; how to tell when child has, IV, 520; treatment of, IV, 521.

Adentitis, acute, IV, 558; causes of, IV, 558; symptoms of, IV, 558; treatment of, IV, 558.

Advice to young wives, III, 357.

After birth, expulsion of, I, 101.

After pains, I, 103.

Age at which to marry, III, 331.

Albumen water, II, 245.

Alcohol, in patent medicines, III, 455.

Alcoholic drunkenness, I, 44; Dr. Branthwaite on, I, 45; Dr. Sullivan on, I, 44.

Amenorrhea, causes, II, 192; absence of menstruation, II, 191; treatment of, II, 192.

Anemia, severe, IV, 567; simple, IV, 565; treatment of various forms, IV, 567.

Anesthetics, new, IV, 654; use of in confinements, I, 112.

Angina, IV, 508.

Anti meningitis, serum, IV, 656.

Aperient waters, abuse of in constipation, III, 326.

Appendicitis, IV, 546; treatment of, IV, 546.

Appetite, loss of, II, 287; poor, II, 286; treatment for loss of, II, 288.

Arrest of hemorrhage, IV, 635.

Artificial Food, II, 249; formulæ for, II, 253; mistakes in preparing, II, 267.

Aseptic surgery, IV, 653.

Baby, amusing the, II, 217; bathing the, II, 213; care of eyes, II, 215; care of genital organs, II, 216; care of mouth and teeth, II, 215; care of newly born, II, 210; care of skin, II, 216; clothing of, II, 214; constipation in bottle fed, II, 309; food for first year, II, 261; fresh air for, II, 232; how it gets nourishment in womb, II, 183; how long it should sleep, II, 236; how to weigh, II, 220; hygiene and development of, II, 209; intervals of feeding, II, 225; night clothes of, II, 215; overfeeding the, II, 224; proper way to lay in bed, II, 235; what to prepare for the coming, II, 209; why it cries, II, 237.

Baby's comforter, II, 241.

Bacteria, what happens if we inhale, III, 410.

Barley gruel, II, 244.

Barley water, II, 244, 256.

[ii] Bath, bran, IV, 591; cold, for reducing fever, IV, 590; cold sponge or shower, IV, 592; during pregnancy, I, 76; hot air or vapor, IV, 591; hot, IV, 591; mustard, IV, 590; tepid, IV, 592; various kinds of, IV, 590.

Bathing, the baby, II, 213.

Bed, proper way to lay baby in, II, 235.

Bed wetting, IV, 580.

Beef juice, II, 262.

Beef or meat pulp, II, 244.

Bichloride of mercury solution, IV, 627.

Binder, how to apply, I, 66.

Birth, management of, I, 99.

Birth chamber, the, I, 61.

Birth marks, I, 128.

Bites, dog, IV, 638.

Blackheads, IV, 576.

Blood, children suffering from poor, IV, 566; poor, IV, 565.

Boils, IV, 559.

Boracic Acid, solution of, IV, 626.

Bottle feeding, method of, II, 256; what a mother should know about, II, 264.

Bowels, daily movement necessary, II, 307; how to wash out, IV, 586; importance of clean, II, 306.

Boy, building of, II, 139; chancre, the, II, 145; gonorrhea or "clap," II, 142; sex hygiene for, II, 139; social evil, II, 141; sources of immorality, II, 141; syphilis or "pox," II, 144.

Brain, complications of in syphilis, II, 146.

Bran, as a food, II, 292; bath, IV, 591; muffins, recipe for, II, 311.

Branthwaite, Dr., on alcoholic drunkenness, I, 45... Continue reading book >>

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