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Fine Feathers Ship's Company, Part 1.   By: (1863-1943)

Book cover

In Fine Feathers Ship's Company, Part 1, W. W. Jacobs skillfully crafts a delightful tale that takes readers on a nautical adventure filled with humor, mischief, and unexpected turn of events. Set aboard a ship, the story follows a group of eccentric characters who bring life to the pages.

Jacobs masterfully introduces each character, providing unique traits and quirks that make them instantly relatable and endearing. From the witty Captain Bunting to the mischievous sailor Sam Small, the author creates a captivating ensemble cast that adds depth and vibrancy to the narrative. Their interactions are packed with humorous dialogues and unexpected twists, keeping readers entertained and engaged throughout.

What truly sets this book apart is Jacobs' impeccable storytelling skills. With his vivid descriptions, he effortlessly transports readers to the world of the ship, making them feel like they are part of the crew. From the creaking of the sails to the smell of the salty sea air, the immersive narrative creates a rich and authentic reading experience.

Another aspect worth noting is the author's ability to infuse the story with a sense of camaraderie and friendship amongst the characters. Despite their differences, they band together as a united front when faced with challenges, highlighting the importance of teamwork and loyalty. This underlying theme adds depth to the overall narrative and resonates with readers on a deeper level.

While Part 1 of Fine Feathers Ship's Company leaves readers on a cliffhanger, it is a testament to Jacobs' talent for keeping readers eagerly awaiting the next installment. The pacing of the story is well-balanced, with a perfect mix of suspense, light-hearted moments, and character development.

One minor drawback of the book is that some readers may find it difficult to fully connect with all the characters due to their diverse personalities. However, this is a minor quibble considering the overall appeal and charm of the narrative.

In summary, Fine Feathers Ship's Company, Part 1 is an enjoyable and entertaining read that showcases the mastery of W. W. Jacobs as a storyteller. With its well-developed characters, immersive setting, and engaging plot, this book is a captivating introduction to what promises to be an exciting series. Whether you have a penchant for nautical tales or simply enjoy a good adventure, this book is sure to leave you eagerly awaiting the next installment.

First Page:


By W.W. Jacobs

[Illustration: "Can I 'ave it took off while I eat my bloater, mother?"]


Mr. Jobson awoke with a Sundayish feeling, probably due to the fact that it was Bank Holiday. He had been aware, in a dim fashion, of the rising of Mrs. Jobson some time before, and in a semi conscious condition had taken over a large slice of unoccupied territory. He stretched himself and yawned, and then, by an effort of will, threw off the clothes and springing out of bed reached for his trousers.

He was an orderly man, and had hung them every night for over twenty years on the brass knob on his side of the bed. He had hung them there the night before, and now they had absconded with a pair of red braces just entering their teens. Instead, on a chair at the foot of the bed was a collection of garments that made him shudder. With trembling fingers he turned over a black tailcoat, a white waistcoat, and a pair of light check trousers. A white shirt, a collar, and tie kept them company, and, greatest outrage of all, a tall silk hat stood on its own band box beside the chair. Mr. Jobson, fingering his bristly chin, stood: regarding the collection with a wan smile.

"So that's their little game, is it?" he muttered. "Want to make a toff of me. Where's my clothes got to, I wonder?"

A hasty search satisfied him that they were not in the room, and, pausing only to drape himself in the counterpane, he made his way into the next... Continue reading book >>

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