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First Oration of Cicero Against Catiline with Notices, Notes and Complete Vocabulary   By: (106 BC - 43 BC)

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[This text is intended for users whose text readers cannot use the "real" (unicode/utf 8) version of the file. Greek words have been transliterated and shown between marks. Macrons ("long vowel" marks) are shown as circumflex accents, which do not occur elsewhere. Breves ("short vowel" marks, used only in the Vocabulary and a few Notes) have been "unpacked" and shown as [)e]:


Boldface text is shown between =marks=. Those sections of the text that use the equals sign = do not contain boldface words. In this Latin 1 file, boldface markup has also been omitted from the Names section.

The Oration appears twice in the e text. The second version, immediately before the Errata, is given in "stripped down" form, omitting all [2]note references.]

Classical Text Book Series


with Notices, Notes And Complete Vocabulary.


TORONTO: The Copp Clark Company, Limited,

Entered according to Act of the Parliament of Canada, in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty six, by THE COPP CLARK COMPANY, LIMITED, Toronto, Ontario, in the Office of the Minister of Agriculture.

CONTENTS [added by transcriber]

Preface Cicero: I. Life of Cicero II. Life of Catiline III. Chronology of the Conspiracy IV. Summary of first oration FIRST CATILINARIAN ORATION Notes Proper Names Vocabulary


It has been the aim of the Editor to explain what seemed to him difficulties in the text. There are many points which might have been noted, but which a judicious teacher will supply in the ordinary class work.

References are made to the standard grammars of Zumpt, Madvig, Harkness, Allen and Greenough.



[Sidenotes: Birth. Removes to Rome, 92 B.C. Early teachers. Early works. Assumes the toga virilis 89 B.C. Serves his first campaign, 88 B.C. Studies philosophy. Pleads his first cause pro Quinct. Goes to Athens, Asia, and Rhodes. Returns home. Elected quaestor of Sicily. Indicts Verres, 70 B.C. Elected aedile, 69 B.C. Praetor, 66 B.C. His first political speech. Pro lege Manilia, 65 B.C. Consul, 63 B.C. Unpopularity of Cicero. Causes of Exile. Deserted by the Triumvirs. Goes into exile, 58 B.C. Recall, 51 B.C. Elected Augur, 53 B.C. Proconsul, 52 B.C. Sides with Pompey. Pharsalia, 48 B.C. Pardoned by Caesar. Gloom. His Philippic Orations. Antony, Octavianus, and Lepidus form the second triumvirate. Killed at Caieta, 43 B.C.]

=Marcus Tullius Cicero=, the greatest name in Roman literature, was born near Arpinum, a town of Latium, January 3rd, 106 B.C. His father, a man of large views and liberal culture, belonged to the equites , and possessed an hereditary estate in the neighbourhood of the town. To give his sons, Marcus and Quintus, that education which could not be obtained at a provincial school, he removed to Rome, where the young Ciceros were placed under the best teachers of the day. From Aelius they learned philosophy; from Archias, the mechanism of verse, though not the inspiration of poetry. A translation of the Phaenomena and Prognostics of Aratus, and a mythological poem on the fable of Pontius Glaucus were the first fruits of Cicero's genius. On assuming the toga virilis , B.C. 89, Cicero attached himself to the jurist Scaevola, who was then in the zenith of his fame. In the following year he served a brief campaign in the Social War under Cn. Pompeius Strabo, the father of Pompey the Great. Philosophical studies had, however, more attractions for him than arms. Under Philo, the Academic, and Diodotus, the Stoic, he laid the foundation of that Eclecticism which is so observable in his philosophical works. At the age of 25 he pleaded his first cause, and in the following year he defended Sextus Roscius of Ameria, who had been accused of parricide by Chrysogonus, one of Sulla's favourites... Continue reading book >>

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