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Flight From Tomorrow   By: (1904-1964)

Book cover

Flight From Tomorrow by H. Beam Piper is a gripping science fiction tale that takes readers on an exhilarating journey through time and space. Set in a future where alien civilizations have established a peaceful coexistence with humanity, the story follows protagonist Fleya, an extraterrestrial diplomat who finds herself caught in a web of political intrigue and danger.

Piper's storytelling is exceptional, compelling readers to follow Fleya's every move with bated breath. The author expertly blends elements of adventure, mystery, and romance, resulting in a captivating narrative that leaves readers constantly guessing what will happen next. The plot, while complex, is meticulously crafted, weaving together various plot threads to create a truly engaging reading experience.

One of the book's great strengths lies in its world-building. Piper's vivid descriptions paint a rich picture of the futuristic Earth and the alien societies that inhabit it. The technologies and customs introduced throughout the book are both imaginative and believable, allowing readers to fully immerse themselves in this alternate reality. Furthermore, the author's attention to detail ensures a deep understanding of the book's setting, enhancing the overall reading experience.

The characters in Flight From Tomorrow are vividly brought to life, each with their own distinct personalities and motivations. Fleya is a strong, intelligent protagonist, whose resilience and resourcefulness make her an engaging character to follow. Additionally, the supporting cast is equally well-developed, with each character playing a pivotal role in driving the story forward.

Piper's writing style is polished and evocative, using descriptive prose to transport readers to different times and places. The pacing is well-balanced, with moments of intense action interspersed with quieter, introspective scenes that allow for character growth. While the book delves into complex political and societal issues, the story never feels bogged down and remains highly accessible to readers.

As with any book, Flight From Tomorrow is not without its flaws. Some readers may find the complexity of the plot overwhelming at times, requiring careful attention to fully grasp the intricacies of the story. Furthermore, the romantic subplot, while intriguing, could have been further developed to add depth and emotional resonance.

Overall, Flight From Tomorrow is an enthralling science fiction novel that will captivate fans of the genre. Piper's masterful storytelling, immersive world-building, and well-developed characters combine to create an unforgettable reading experience. With its blend of adventure, mystery, and romance, this book is sure to leave readers eagerly anticipating the author's next work.

First Page:

Flight From Tomorrow


by H. Beam Piper

There was no stopping General Zarvas' rebellion

(Illustration by Lawrence)


Hunted and hated in two worlds, Hradzka dreamed of a monomaniac's glory, stranded in the past with his knowledge of the future. But he didn't know the past quite well enough....


But yesterday, a whole planet had shouted: Hail Hradzka! Hail the Leader! Today, they were screaming: Death to Hradzka! Kill the tyrant!

The Palace, where Hradzka, surrounded by his sycophants and guards, had lorded it over a solar system, was now an inferno. Those who had been too closely identified with the dictator's rule to hope for forgiveness were fighting to the last, seeking only a quick death in combat; one by one, their isolated points of resistance were being wiped out. The corridors and chambers of the huge palace were thronged with rebels, loud with their shouts, and with the rasping hiss of heat beams and the crash of blasters, reeking with the stench of scorched plastic and burned flesh, of hot metal and charred fabric. The living quarters were overrun; the mob smashed down walls and tore up floors in search of secret hiding places. They found strange things the space ship that had been built under one of the domes, in readiness for flight to the still loyal colonies on Mars or the Asteroid Belt, for instance but Hradzka himself they could not find... Continue reading book >>

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