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Four Pigeons Captains All, Book 7.   By: (1863-1943)

Book cover

Four Pigeons Captains All, Book 7 by W. W. Jacobs is an intriguing and gripping addition to the captivating series. This seventh installment takes readers on a thrilling adventure with four pigeon captains, diving into the world of maritime exploration and thrilling escapades.

In this book, Jacobs masterfully crafts a compelling narrative with an ample dose of humor, suspense, and well-developed characters. The story revolves around the adventures of four courageous pigeon captains – each with their distinct personalities and quirks – who find themselves in various high-stakes situations. Throughout the book, the author expertly weaves together these individual storylines, creating an engaging and cohesive plot that keeps readers hooked from beginning to end.

One of the strengths of this book is the well-drawn characters. Jacobs showcases his talent for characterization by bringing each pigeon captain to life with unique traits and idiosyncrasies. From the confident and experienced captain to the witty and resourceful one, readers will find themselves investing emotionally in these characters and rooting for their success. Additionally, the interactions and dynamics among the pigeon captains add depth and complexity to the story, making for compelling relationships that drive the plot forward.

The pacing of the book is another commendable aspect. Jacobs skillfully balances moments of intense action and suspense with quieter, introspective scenes, giving readers time to breathe while also maintaining a constant sense of anticipation. This equilibrium between thrilling escapades and moments of reflection ensures that the book remains engaging without becoming overwhelming.

Furthermore, Jacobs' writing style is fluid and evocative, enabling readers to vividly envision the maritime settings and experience the thrill of the pigeon captains' journeys. The author's attention to detail is immaculate, and his descriptions of the nautical world are both immersive and captivating, making readers feel as though they are right alongside the characters, battling fierce storms and navigating treacherous waters.

However, despite its many strengths, this particular installment may be challenging for readers who have not read the previous books in the series. While it can be enjoyed as a standalone, there are references to past events and character developments that may leave newcomers feeling slightly disoriented. Therefore, it is highly recommended to start from the beginning of the series to fully appreciate the depth and complexity of the story.

In conclusion, Four Pigeons Captains All, Book 7 by W. W. Jacobs is a highly enjoyable and captivating addition to the series. With its well-drawn characters, thrilling plot, and immersive maritime settings, this book will undoubtedly satisfy fans of the series while leaving them eagerly anticipating the next installment. Jacobs' skillful storytelling and knack for creating compelling narratives make this book a must-read for lovers of adventure, humor, and nautical escapades.

First Page:


By W.W. Jacobs


[Illustration: "The Four Pigeons."]

The old man took up his mug and shifted along the bench until he was in the shade of the elms that stood before the Cauliflower . The action also had the advantage of bringing him opposite the two strangers who were refreshing themselves after the toils of a long walk in the sun.

"My hearing ain't wot it used to be," he said, tremulously. "When you asked me to have a mug o' ale I 'ardly heard you; and if you was to ask me to 'ave another, I mightn't hear you at all."

One of the men nodded.

"Not over there," piped the old man. "That's why I come over here," he added, after a pause. "It 'ud be rude like to take no notice; if you was to ask me."

He looked round as the landlord approached, and pushed his mug gently in his direction. The landlord, obeying a nod from the second stranger, filled it.

"It puts life into me," said the old man, raising it to his lips and bowing. "It makes me talk."

"Time we were moving, Jack," said the first traveller. The second, assenting to this as an abstract proposition, expressed, however, a determination to finish his pipe first.

I heard you saying something about shooting, continued the old man, and that reminds me of some shooting we 'ad here once in Claybury... Continue reading book >>

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