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Geographic Distribution of the Pocket Mouse, Perognathus fasciatus   By: (1929-1992)

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In Geographic Distribution of the Pocket Mouse, Perognathus fasciatus, J. Knox Jones provides readers with a comprehensive and detailed exploration of this fascinating creature. By examining the pocket mouse's geographic distribution, the author offers valuable insights into its behavior, habitat preferences, and ecological significance.

One of the key strengths of this book is the author's meticulous research and attention to detail. Jones begins by providing readers with a thorough overview of the pocket mouse's physical characteristics, enabling us to visualize this tiny creature before delving into its diverse range. The book's vivid illustrations and photographs further enhance our understanding and offer a visual treat for nature enthusiasts.

Furthermore, Jones excels in presenting complex scientific information in a manner that is accessible to both experts and casual readers. Through clear and concise language, he effortlessly communicates the significance of the pocket mouse's distribution patterns and their implications for conservation efforts. The chapters are well-structured, allowing readers to navigate through the book with ease and comprehend the topic sequentially.

The author's passion for his subject matter shines through in every chapter, making the book an engaging and enjoyable read. Jones seamlessly weaves together scientific findings, anecdotes, and his personal experiences to create a captivating narrative. This personal touch adds depth and emotion to the otherwise technical nature of the subject, connecting readers on an emotional level and fostering a deeper appreciation for the pocket mouse's existence.

While the book primarily focuses on the geographic distribution of the pocket mouse, Jones also provides valuable context by discussing the ecological factors that shape its range and the challenges it faces due to habitat loss and human activities. This broader perspective makes the book not only an invaluable resource for wildlife biologists and ecologists but also for anyone interested in understanding the delicate balance of nature.

If there is one minor criticism, it would be the lack of emphasis on potential future developments in the study of the pocket mouse's distribution. Although the book covers the current knowledge extensively, a brief glimpse into ongoing research or suggestions for further exploration would have added an extra layer of excitement and anticipation, especially for readers looking for the latest discoveries in the field.

Overall, Geographic Distribution of the Pocket Mouse, Perognathus fasciatus by J. Knox Jones is an exceptional and authoritative work on this intriguing rodent species. Offering a wealth of information and a captivating narrative, the book is a must-read for both scientific enthusiasts and nature lovers seeking a deeper understanding of the intricate world of pocket mice.

First Page:

Geographic Distribution of the Pocket Mouse, Perognathus fasciatus



University of Kansas Publications Museum of Natural History

Volume 5, No. 29, pp. 515 526, 7 figures in text August 1, 1953

University of Kansas LAWRENCE 1953


Editors: E. Raymond Hall, Chairman, A. Byron Leonard, Robert W. Wilson

Volume 5, No. 29, pp. 515 526, 7 figures in text August 1, 1953



24 7673

Geographic Distribution of the Pocket Mouse, Perognathus fasciatus



In his "Revision of the pocket mice of the genus Perognathus," Osgood (1900:18 20) reviewed the distribution, as then known, of Perognathus fasciatus and recognized two geographic races Perognathus fasciatus [ fasciatus ] Wied Neuwied in eastern Montana and Wyoming and adjacent parts of North and South Dakota, and Perognathus fasciatus infraluteus Thomas, known only from the type locality at Loveland, Larimer County, Colorado. Later, Cary (1911:61) described Perognathus fasciatus litus as a pale subspecies occurring in the lower Sweetwater Valley and adjacent parts of the Red Desert of south central Wyoming... Continue reading book >>

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