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George Silverman's Explanation   By: (1812-1870)

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George Silverman's Explanation by Charles Dickens is a truly captivating story that delves into the complexities of human nature and the effects of traumatic experiences on the mind. Set in nineteenth-century England, this novella explores the life of the eponymous protagonist, George Silverman, and his struggle to comprehend and recover from a devastating event he witnessed in his childhood.

Dickens masterfully weaves a narrative that seamlessly traverses between present-day events and recollections from George's past. The author's brilliant characterization shines through as George is brought to life, his psyche laid bare for readers to witness. We empathize with his inner turmoil and feel his desperate need for closure, making him an incredibly relatable and sympathetic character.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this novella is Dickens' ability to delve into the darkest corners of the human mind. George's traumatic experiences have left deep scars on his psyche, plunging him into a state of emotional turmoil and guilt. Through his vivid descriptions and introspective writing style, Dickens creates an atmosphere of palpable tension and unease, often leaving readers on the edge of their seats.

Furthermore, the themes explored in George Silverman's Explanation are exceptionally thought-provoking. Dickens delves into complex ideas surrounding memory, identity, and the power of storytelling. The narrative prompts readers to question the reliability of our own recollections and challenges us to consider the ways in which past events shape our present selves.

Another standout element of this novella is Dickens' ability to pen exquisite prose. His language is rich and evocative, painting vivid pictures of the Victorian era. Each sentence is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, heightening the emotional impact of the story and transporting readers into the heart of George's world.

However, some readers may find the pacing of George Silverman's Explanation to be a bit slow at times. The introspective nature of the narrative can occasionally result in a lull in the plot's development, requiring patience on the part of readers. Nevertheless, this deliberate pacing ultimately serves to deepen our understanding of George's internal struggles and adds to the overall impact of the novella.

In conclusion, George Silverman's Explanation is a poignant exploration of human psychology and the lasting impact of traumatic experiences. Charles Dickens masterfully crafts a narrative that hooks readers from the very beginning and keeps them captivated until the final page. While the slower pacing might deter some, the thought-provoking themes and exquisite prose make this novella a must-read for fans of Dickens and lovers of psychological fiction.

First Page:

George Silverman's Explanation by Charles Dickens Scanned and proofed by David Price



IT happened in this wise

But, sitting with my pen in my hand looking at those words again, without descrying any hint in them of the words that should follow, it comes into my mind that they have an abrupt appearance. They may serve, however, if I let them remain, to suggest how very difficult I find it to begin to explain my explanation. An uncouth phrase: and yet I do not see my way to a better.


IT happened in THIS wise

But, looking at those words, and comparing them with my former opening, I find they are the self same words repeated. This is the more surprising to me, because I employ them in quite a new connection. For indeed I declare that my intention was to discard the commencement I first had in my thoughts, and to give the preference to another of an entirely different nature, dating my explanation from an anterior period of my life. I will make a third trial, without erasing this second failure, protesting that it is not my design to conceal any of my infirmities, whether they be of head or heart.


NOT as yet directly aiming at how it came to pass, I will come upon it by degrees... Continue reading book >>

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