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The Great Drought   By: (1894-1972)

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The Great Drought by Sterner S. Meek is an incredibly poignant and timely novel that explores the devastating impact of a prolonged drought on both the individual and the community. Meek's writing style effortlessly transports the reader into a world plagued by extreme weather conditions, immersing them in a tale of struggle and resilience.

One of the most compelling aspects of Meek's novel is his ability to create a vivid and realistic setting. Through his meticulous descriptions, readers can feel the scorching heat, taste the dust on their tongues, and sense the desperation that permeates the atmosphere. The author's attention to detail is exceptional, making every page come alive with a sense of foreboding and unease.

In terms of characters, Meek introduces a diverse and multifaceted cast that adds depth and complexity to the narrative. From the stoic and determined protagonist, struggling to keep his family and community afloat, to the secondary characters grappling with personal demons and conflicting desires, each individual feels authentic and relatable. Their journeys, hopes, and fears become intricately intertwined with the overarching theme of survival, creating a tapestry of emotions that readers can't help but invest in.

The pacing of The Great Drought is deliberate and purposeful, slowly building tension and suspense as the drought worsens. Meek expertly guides the reader through the escalating crises, capturing the sense of urgency and despair that permeates the characters' lives. This gradual escalation adds an extra layer of suspense, leaving readers on the edge of their seats, desperately yearning for relief and resolution.

Furthermore, Meek's exploration of themes such as human resilience, the power of community, and the consequences of environmental degradation is both thought-provoking and relevant. The Great Drought prompts readers to reflect on the fragility of our planet and our responsibilities as stewards of the Earth. It dissects the intricate connections between humans and nature, reminding us of the potential disastrous consequences of neglecting our environment.

If there is one aspect of The Great Drought that may give some readers pause, it is the occasionally heavy-handed symbolism and metaphorical devices employed by Meek. While these elements certainly add depth and complexity to the narrative, they can at times feel a bit forced or overtly didactic. However, the overall impact of the story and its message far outweigh any minor missteps in this regard.

In conclusion, The Great Drought is a compelling and evocative novel that tackles important themes while immersing readers in a world haunted by environmental catastrophe. Sterner S. Meek's powerful storytelling and richly developed characters make this book a gripping and thought-provoking read. Whether you're interested in climate change issues, human resilience, or simply enjoy well-crafted fiction, The Great Drought is a must-read that will resonate long after you turn the final page.

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Transcriber's Note:

This etext was produced from Astounding Stories May 1932. Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the U.S. copyright on this publication was renewed.

[Illustration: A man leaped in and made some adjustments. ]

The Great Drought

By Capt. S. P. Meek

[Sidenote: Another episode in Dr. Bird's extraordinary duel with the scientific wizard Saranoff.]

"Is the maneuver progressing as you wish. Dr. Bird?" asked the Chief of the Air Corps.

The famous scientist lowered his binoculars and smiled.

"Exactly, General," he replied. "They are keeping a splendid line."

"It is the greatest concentration of air force that this country has ever seen," said General Merton proudly.

With a nod, Dr. Bird raised his glasses to his eyes and resumed his steady gaze. Five thousand feet below and two miles ahead of the huge transport plane which flew the flag of the Chief of the Air Corps, a long line of airplanes stretched away to the north and to the south. Six hundred and seventy two planes, the entire First Air Division of the United States Army, were deployed in line at hundred yard intervals, covering a front of nearly forty miles... Continue reading book >>

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