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The Group A Farce   By: (1728-1814)

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The Group A Farce by Mercy Otis Warren is a witty and biting satire that cleverly mocks the pretentiousness and absurdities of society during the 18th century. Set in a small New England town, the story follows a group of self-proclaimed intellectuals who meet regularly to engage in what they believe to be deep and meaningful discussions. However, their conversations often descend into petty arguments and futile attempts to one-up each other.

One of the strongest aspects of this book is Warren's skillful use of humor. Through her sharp and sarcastic wit, she exposes the superficiality and hypocrisy of the characters. Their constant need for validation and intellectual superiority makes them easily caricatured, and Warren employs a combination of exaggerated dialogue and exaggerated situations to highlight their absurdity. This results in numerous laugh-out-loud moments, as the reader becomes increasingly aware of the characters' ridiculousness.

Furthermore, Warren's characters are vividly drawn, each with their own distinct flaws and quirks. From the pompous and long-winded Orator, who is always seeking a pedestal for his grandiose speeches, to the gossipy and meddlesome society lady, Mrs. Whisper, the cast of characters is both entertaining and relatable. Despite their flaws, Warren manages to make them human and even sympathetic at times.

In addition to its comedic elements, The Group A Farce also offers a scathing critique of societal norms and values. Warren deftly exposes the shallow desires and misguided priorities of the characters, as they prioritize social status and reputation over genuine intellectual curiosity. Through her exploration of this theme, she prompts readers to question their own values and examine the authenticity of their own pursuits.

However, one potential drawback of the book is its reliance on dialogue to advance the plot. While it serves the purpose of showcasing the characters' absurdity, it can sometimes become overwhelming and repetitive. Some readers may find themselves yearning for more action or narrative development to break up the constant banter.

Overall, The Group A Farce is a delightful and thought-provoking read that manages to entertain while offering a sharp critique of its society. Warren's wit and ability to expose human folly make the book an enjoyable satire that still resonates with contemporary readers. If you're looking for a hilarious and smart take on the pretentiousness of society, this book is a must-read.

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[Illustration: MRS. MERCY WARREN]


(1728 1814)

Most of the literature orations as well as broadsides created in America under the heat of the Revolution, was of a strictly satirical character. Most of the Revolutionary ballads sung at the time were bitter with hatred against the Loyalist. When the conflict actually was in progress, the theatres that regaled the Colonists were closed, and an order from the Continental Congress declared that theatre going was an amusement from which all patriotic people should abstain. These orders or resolutions were dated October 12, 1778, and October 16. (Seilhamer, ii, 51.) The playhouses were no sooner closed, however much to the regret of Washington than their doors were thrown wide open by the British troops stationed in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. A complete history of the American stage has to deal with Howe's players, Clinton's players, and Burgoyne's players.

Of all these Red Coat Thespians, two demand our attention one, Major André, a gay, talented actor; the other, General Burgoyne, whose pride was as much concerned with playwriting as with generalship. The latter dipped his pen in the satirical inkpot, and wrote a farce, "The Blockade of Boston." It was this play that drew forth from a woman, an American playwright, the retort stinging... Continue reading book >>

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