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The High School Pitcher Dick & Co. on the Gridley Diamond   By: (1868-1922)

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The High School Pitcher Dick & Co. on the Gridley Diamond is a captivating sports novel written by H. Irving Hancock. Set in a small town, the story revolves around the talented high school pitcher, Dick Prescott, and his team's quest for victory.

From the very beginning, Hancock successfully immerses readers into the world of high school baseball, capturing the excitement and thrill of the game. The descriptive writing style allows vivid mental images of the games and the Diamond stadium, making it easy for readers to visualize every pitch, hit, and catch. The author's passion for the sport shines through his words, evoking a sense of nostalgia for anyone who has ever played or watched baseball.

Hancock's characters are convincingly portrayed, each with unique personalities and characteristics that make them relatable and likable. Dick Prescott, as the main protagonist, is a strong and determined young athlete. His unwavering dedication to his team and his unshakable resolve in the face of challenging situations make him an inspiring role model for young readers. The chemistry between Dick and his fellow players is palpable, fostering a sense of camaraderie and loyalty that adds depth to the story.

One of the book's strongest aspects is its exploration of the challenges faced by young athletes in their pursuit of excellence. The author addresses the themes of perseverance, team dynamics, and overcoming obstacles, providing valuable life lessons for readers. Whether it be facing a talented rival team, dealing with personal setbacks, or navigating the pressures of high school, Dick & Co. on the Gridley Diamond highlights the resilience and determination required to succeed.

Hancock's storytelling is fast-paced, with the narrative flowing smoothly from one scene to the next. The plot is filled with thrilling baseball action, keeping readers engaged and eager to know what happens next. The suspense builds gradually, leading up to the highly anticipated final game, where the outcome feels uncertain until the very last page.

While the book primarily focuses on sports and competition, it also touches on other aspects of teenage life. It subtly explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and even young love, adding an extra layer of depth to the overall story.

As an avid baseball fan or someone interested in sports fiction, The High School Pitcher Dick & Co. on the Gridley Diamond is a must-read. Hancock expertly captures the essence of the sport, intertwining it with engaging storytelling and relatable characters. Young readers will be inspired by Dick's dedication and motivated to pursue their own goals, on and off the field.

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or Dick & Co. on the Gridley Diamond


CHAPTERS I. The Principal Hears Something About Pennies II. Dick Takes Up His Pen III. Mr. Cantwell Thinks Twice or Oftener IV. Dave Warns Tip Scammon V. Ripley Learns That the Piper Must be Paid VI. The Call to the Diamond Fred Schemes VII. Dave Talks with One Hand VIII. Huh? Woolly Crocheted Slippers IX. Fred Pitches a Bombshell into Training Camp X. Dick & Co. Take a Turn at Feeling Glum XI. The Third Party's Amazement XII. Trying out the Pitchers XIII. The Riot Call and Other Little Things XIV. The Steam of the Batsman XV. A Dastard's Work in the Dark XVI. The Hour of Tormenting Doubt XVII. When the Home Fans Quivered XVIII. The Grit of the Grand Old Game XIX. Some Mean Tricks Left Over XX. A Tin Can for the Yellow Dog XXI. Dick is Generous Because It's Natural XXII. All Roads Lead to the Swimming Pool XXIII. The Agony of the Last Big Game XIV. Conclusion




"Attention, please."

The barely audible droning of study ceased promptly in the big assembly room of the Gridley High School.

The new principal, who had just stepped into the room, and who now stood waiting behind his flat top desk on the platform, was a tall, thin, severe looking man of thirty two or three... Continue reading book >>

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