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Hindu Tales from the Sanskrit   By: (1856-1925)

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Hindu Tales from the Sanskrit by Siddha Mohana Mitra is an enchanting collection of ancient stories that delve into the rich cultural and mythological heritage of Hinduism. The book presents a fine selection of carefully translated tales that capture the essence of Indian folklore, religious beliefs, and moral teachings.

Featuring a diverse mix of legends and fables, Hindu Tales from the Sanskrit transports readers into a world brimming with gods, goddesses, demons, and mythical creatures. The author artfully weaves together narratives that range from dramatic battles between good and evil to poignant tales of love, sacrifice, and redemption. Each story unfolds with vivid detail, making them come alive in the reader's imagination.

Mitra's translation is commendable, as it skillfully conveys the nuances of the original Sanskrit verses while maintaining a fluid and accessible style. The language used is elegant and evocative, allowing readers to fully immerse themselves in the magical realm of Hindu mythology. Moreover, insightful commentary accompanies each story, shedding light on the historical context and underlying moral lessons embedded within the narratives.

One of the notable strengths of Hindu Tales from the Sanskrit is its exploration of universal themes that resonate across cultures and time periods. The stories touch upon fundamental aspects of the human condition, such as honor, truth, duty, and the pursuit of wisdom. By presenting these themes within the framework of ancient Hindu legends, Mitra provides readers with valuable insights into the profound wisdom contained within these tales.

Furthermore, the book effectively captures both the grandeur and intricacy of Hindu mythology. Whether it is the cosmic battles fought by deities or the intricate webs woven by cunning demons, the author's descriptions paint a vivid picture of the vibrant universe within Hindu folklore. This aspect of the book ensures that readers not only appreciate the moral teachings but are also captivated by the rich tapestry of characters and settings.

To enhance the experience further, Hindu Tales from the Sanskrit is also accompanied by beautiful illustrations that bring the stories to life on the pages. The detailed artwork adds another layer of visual appeal to the already captivating narratives, solidifying the book's status as a delightful read for all ages.

In conclusion, Hindu Tales from the Sanskrit is a captivating collection that beautifully showcases the depth and breadth of ancient Hindu mythology. Siddha Mohana Mitra's commendable translation paired with insightful commentary make this book an invaluable resource for those seeking to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Indian folklore and moral teachings. It is a literary gem that will undoubtedly leave readers fascinated and inspired by the timeless wisdom encapsulated within these tales.

First Page:

Hindu Tales from the Sanskrit

Translated by

S. M. Mitra

Adapted by

Mrs. Arthur Bell



Thanks to Mr. S. M. Mitra, the well known Hindu psychologist and politician, who has done so much to draw more closely together the land of his birth and that of his adoption, I am able to bring within reach of English children a number of typical Hindu Tales, translated by him from the Sanskrit, some of them culled from the ancient classics of India, others from widely separated sources. The latter have hitherto been quite inaccessible to western students, as they are not yet embodied in literature, but have been transmitted orally from generation to generation for many centuries.

These tales are not only of a kind to enchain the attention of children. They also illustrate well the close affinity between the two chief branches of the great Aryan race, and are of considerable ethical value, reflecting, as they do, the philosophy of self realisation which lies at the root of Hindu culture. They have been used from time immemorial by the best teachers of India as a means of building up the personalities of the young and maintaining the efficiency of the adult. They serve in fact as text books of the unique system of Mind Training which has been in use in India from remote Vedic times, the root principle of which is as simple as it is effective... Continue reading book >>

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