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History of Religion A Sketch of Primitive Religious Beliefs and Practices, and of the Origin and Character of the Great Systems   By: (1845-1916)

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In "History of Religion: A Sketch of Primitive Religious Beliefs and Practices, and of the Origin and Character of the Great Systems" by Allan Menzies, readers are treated to a comprehensive exploration of the evolution and core aspects of religious beliefs and practices. Menzies, a distinguished scholar in the field, delves into the primitive religious systems that form the foundation of many modern faiths, while also shedding light on the great systems that have shaped human civilization.

One of the book's strengths lies in its ability to present complex ideas in a manner that is accessible to both scholars and general readers. Menzies breaks down the origin of religious beliefs, examining how early societies conceived of divinity and established rituals and traditions. With meticulous research, he uncovers the threads connecting ancient religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism, emphasizing the shared human experiences that underpin these diverse faiths.

Menzies skillfully navigates through various religious systems, addressing the social, political, and historical contexts in which they emerged. He highlights the influence of key individuals and religious leaders and analyzes their impact on shaping religious doctrines. By doing so, the author successfully contextualizes the historical development of religious systems, deepening our understanding of their evolution and significance.

Another commendable aspect of the book is its objective approach. Menzies presents religious systems with impartiality, preserving their uniqueness while also drawing comparisons and drawing attention to certain universal themes and motifs. This balanced perspective enables readers to appreciate both the diversity and commonalities that exist among religious traditions, fostering a greater appreciation for the richness of humanity's spiritual expressions.

While this book is undoubtedly scholarly in nature, Menzies ensures that it remains accessible to a wide audience. He skillfully weaves together research and analysis, complementing his arguments with engaging anecdotes and relatable examples. This approach helps readers connect with the subject matter, even if they may not possess an extensive background in religious studies.

However, one minor limitation of "History of Religion" is its brevity. Menzies provides a concise overview of a vast topic, condensing millennia of religious history into a single volume. Consequently, some readers may feel that certain aspects are not explored in sufficient depth. Nevertheless, the book serves as an excellent introduction to the subject, laying a solid foundation for readers who wish to delve further into the intricacies of religious history.

In conclusion, "History of Religion" by Allan Menzies is a commendable work that provides a comprehensive and accessible account of the origins and development of religious beliefs and practices. It navigates through the complexities of religious systems, exploring their evolution, commonalities, and distinctions. Menzies' objective perspective, combined with his engaging writing style, makes this book a valuable resource for both students of religious studies and general readers seeking a deeper understanding of humanity's spiritual journey.

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E text prepared by Ron Swanson


A Sketch of Primitive Religious Beliefs and Practices, and of the Origin and Character of the Great Systems



Professor of Biblical Criticism in the University of St. Andrews

Known unto God are all his works from the beginning of the world. ACTS xv. 18.

New York Charles Scribner's Sons 597 599 Fifth Avenue 1917

FIRST EDITION . . . April 1895 SECOND EDITION . . September 1895 Reprinted . . . . March 1897 Reprinted . . . . June 1900 Reprinted . . . . January 1902 Reprinted . . . . March 1903 Reprinted . . . . October 1905 THIRD EDITION . . . January 1908 FOURTH EDITION . . September 1911 Reprinted . . . . June 1914 Reprinted . . . . October 1918


This book makes no pretence to be a guide to all the mythologies, or to all the religious practices which have prevailed in the world. It is intended to aid the student who desires to obtain a general idea of comparative religion, by exhibiting the subject as a connected and organic whole, and by indicating the leading points of view from which each of the great systems may best be understood. A certain amount of discussion is employed in order to bring clearly before the reader the great motives and ideas by which the various religions are inspired, and the movements of thought which they present... Continue reading book >>

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