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History of the Moors of Spain   By: (1755-1794)

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The book History of the Moors of Spain provides a comprehensive and intriguing account of a significant period in Spanish history. Although the author remains unknown, their meticulous research and attention to detail are unmistakable throughout the text. This work serves as an informative and eye-opening exploration of the Moorish influence on the Iberian Peninsula.

One notable aspect of this book is the author's ability to present a balanced perspective on the topic. Rather than portraying the Moors as mere conquerors or invaders, the author delves into the cultural, political, and societal aspects of their rule, shedding light on the complexities of their presence in Spain. By examining both the positive contributions and the conflicts that arose during this era, the author portrays a nuanced picture of the Moors' impact on Spanish civilization.

The author's narrative style is engaging and accessible to readers from various backgrounds. They successfully bring to life the key figures, events, and ideologies that shaped the Moorish rule in Spain. From the strategic brilliance of Moorish leaders to the vibrant cultural exchange that took place between the Moors and the indigenous population, every chapter is filled with intriguing anecdotes and well-researched facts.

Moreover, the book delves into the Moors' architectural accomplishments, highlighting their remarkable advancements in the fields of mathematics, engineering, and design. The author's descriptions of breathtaking palaces, mosques, and other structures offer a glimpse into the opulence and grandeur of Moorish Spain. These vivid portrayals allow readers to appreciate the immense impact of Moorish architectural styles on subsequent Spanish architecture and beyond.

While this book is undoubtedly a valuable resource for historians and scholars alike, the general reader may find some sections dense and overwhelming with historical information. The extensive footnotes and references, while commendable, can sometimes disrupt the flow of the narrative. Nonetheless, the desire to provide a thoroughly researched account should be appreciated, as it enhances the credibility of the overall work.

In conclusion, the History of the Moors of Spain by an unknown author is an engaging and educational read that offers a detailed exploration of an influential period in Spanish history. The author's ability to provide a balanced perspective and delve into the cultural and architectural aspects of Moorish Spain contributes to the book's value. Despite its occasional dense sections, this book remains a commendable resource for anyone interested in understanding the legacy and impact of the Moors in Spain.

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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1840 by

Harper & Brothers,

In the Clerk's Office of the Southern District of New York



We are accustomed to look upon the followers of the Arabian Prophet as little better than barbarians, remarkable chiefly for ignorance, cruelty, and a blind and persecuting spirit of fanaticism. As it regards the character of the Mohammedans at the present day, and, indeed, their moral and intellectual condition for the last two centuries, there is no great error in this opinion. But they are a degenerated race. There has been a period of great brilliancy in their history, when they were distinguished for their love of knowledge, and the successful cultivation of science and the arts; nor is it too much to say, that to them Christian Europe is indebted for the generous impulse which led to the revival of learning in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. Of the various nations of the great Moslem family, none were more {vi} renowned in arts, as well as arms, than the Moorish conquerors of Spain, whose history is contained in the following pages... Continue reading book >>

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