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Home Again   By: (1824-1905)

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Home Again by George MacDonald is a beautifully written and deeply introspective novel that explores the concept of home in a profound and thought-provoking manner. Set in a small Scottish village, the story focuses on the life of Malcolm Reeves, a young man who finds himself grappling with a sense of displacement and yearning for something more.

From the very first page, MacDonald's prose captivates the reader, painting a vivid picture of the idyllic village and its inhabitants. The author's descriptions are rich and evocative, allowing one to easily immerse oneself in the charming setting that serves as the backdrop for the story. The village itself becomes a character in its own right, with its narrow streets, quaint houses, and tightly-knit community.

The novel delves deep into the human psyche, exploring themes of belonging, identity, and the search for meaning. Malcolm's journey towards self-discovery is beautifully depicted, as he wrestles with his conflicting desires to explore the wider world while simultaneously longing for the familiarity and comfort of his childhood home. As the story unfolds, MacDonald skillfully weaves together the narrative, gradually unraveling the layers of Malcolm's character and his understanding of what it truly means to find home.

One of the standout aspects of Home Again is the cast of characters that MacDonald introduces. Each individual is intricately developed, and their interactions and relationships feel authentic and moving. From Malcolm's enigmatic childhood friend to the wise village elder, every character brings a unique perspective and serves a purpose within the narrative. This allows for a deeper exploration of the central themes, as the diverse viewpoints shed light on different aspects of the concept of home.

Though the pace of the novel may be considered slow by some readers, it is this unhurried rhythm that allows for a more profound engagement with the story. MacDonald's descriptions, dialogue, and internal musings of the characters invite the reader to contemplate and reflect, creating an intimate reading experience.

Home Again is a novel that beautifully captures the essence of what it means to search for a place to call home. George MacDonald's eloquent writing, compelling characters, and exploration of universal themes make this book a must-read for anyone who appreciates thoughtful and introspective literature.

First Page:




(A Duplex Edition)

By George MacDonald




In the dusk of the old fashioned best room of a farm house, in the faint glow of the buried sun through the sods of his July grave, sat two elderly persons, dimly visible, breathing the odor which roses unseen sent through the twilight and open window. One of the two was scarcely conscious of the odor, for she did not believe in roses; she believed mainly in mahogany, linen, and hams; to the other it brought too much sadness to be welcomed, for it seemed, like the sunlight, to issue from the grave of his vanished youth. He was not by nature a sad man; he was only one that had found the past more delightful than the present, and had not left his first loves.

The twilight of his years had crept upon him and was deepening; and he felt his youth slowly withering under their fallen leaves. With more education, and perhaps more receptivity than most farmers, he had married a woman he fervently loved, whose rarely truthful nature, to which she had striven to keep true, had developed the delicate flower of moral and social refinement; and her influence upon him had been of the eternal sort. While many of their neighbors were vying with each other in the effort to dress, and dwell, and live up to their notion of gentility , Richard Colman and his wife had never troubled themselves about fashion, but had sought to please each the taste of the other, and cultivate their own... Continue reading book >>

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