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How the Bible was Invented A Lecture Delivered Before the Independent Religious Society   By: (1859-1943)

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In "How the Bible was Invented: A Lecture Delivered Before the Independent Religious Society," author M. M. Mangasarian takes a thought-provoking approach to explore the origins of the Bible and the circumstances surrounding its creation. Mangasarian's work challenges conventional beliefs, delving into the historical and cultural context that led to the compilation of this widely revered religious text.

The book offers a meticulous analysis of the Bible's formation, presenting a comprehensive overview of literary, political, and religious factors that shaped its content. Mangasarian explores the impact of various civilizations and their myths on the development of biblical narratives, shedding light on the connections between ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Hebrew texts. By doing so, the author conveys the notion that the Bible is not unique in its narratives, but rather a product of its time and cultural borrowings.

One of the strengths of this book is Mangasarian's engaging writing style and ability to present complex historical concepts in a concise and accessible manner. Through thorough research and well-structured arguments, the author successfully informs readers about the intricacies of biblical origins without overwhelming them with unnecessary details.

Mangasarian's assertions are firmly rooted in historical evidence, providing readers with an alternative perspective and encouraging critical thinking about religious texts. He emphasizes the importance of separating myth from historical reality, ensuring that readers evaluate the Bible's authenticity and religious significance through an unbiased lens.

However, there are instances where Mangasarian's tone may come across as slightly polemical or provocative, potentially alienating those who hold strong religious beliefs. While his intention is to provoke intellectual dialogues, some readers may find his approach confrontational or dismissive of deeply held faiths.

"How the Bible was Invented" challenges readers to confront the origins of their religious beliefs and question the prevailing assumptions about the Bible's divine authorship. It offers an intriguing perspective on the Bible's compilation, encouraging readers to delve deeper into the historical elements often overlooked in religious discussions.

Overall, Mangasarian's comprehensive examination of the Bible's origins makes this book a valuable resource for those interested in understanding the historical contexts surrounding this influential text. It serves as both an intellectual critique and a catalyst for open and reflective dialogue, challenging readers to reevaluate their understanding of religious scripture.

First Page:

"Not to Undeceive is to Deceive"

How the Bible Was Invented

A Lecture Delivered Before the Independent Religious Society Orchestra Hall Chicago, Illinois Sunday at 11 A. M.

[Illustration: Logo]

Tenth Edition


How the Bible Was Invented

Many good people believe that the Bible was given by inspiration of God. The wording of my subject suggests that it is the work of men, and not always of honest men, either. Am I trying to offend people by intimating that the Bible was invented ? On the contrary, I am exposing myself to criticism by telling these good people the truth about the Bible, which their own preachers, for some reason or other, have withheld from them.

One of the texts in the Bible, attributed to Jesus, says that, It were better for a man to have a millstone tied about his neck, and he were cast into the sea, than that he should offend, that is to say, unsettle the faith of, "one of these little ones." According to this saying of Jesus, a man must keep his questionings and his doubts to himself. He shall not talk where he is liable to upset the faith of some believing soul, some aged mother, some Sunday school lad or lassie. The man who will go about disturbing people's religious peace, deserves to be drowned with a millstone about his neck! What is your opinion of such a suggestion?

If you approve of this sentiment, attributed to the founder of Christianity, then the work which we are doing here, every Sunday, is quite wicked; a millstone around our necks is what we deserve, and the bottom of the sea is where we belong... Continue reading book >>

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