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In His Image   By: (1860-1925)

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In His Image by William Jennings Bryan is a remarkable piece of literature that provides an insightful perspective on the relationship between science and religion. In this book, Bryan meticulously dissects the concept of evolution and presents a compelling argument in favor of the biblical account of creation. While the book is over a century old, its message remains deeply relevant in today's society.

Bryan, a prominent American lawyer, politician, and orator, exhibits his formidable knowledge and logical reasoning throughout the book. He challenges the Darwinian theory of evolution, arguing against the idea that mankind has developed from lower forms of life through a process of natural selection. Instead, Bryan asserts that human beings were created in the image of God, emphasizing the uniqueness and divine purpose embedded within each individual.

One of the most commendable aspects of In His Image is the author's ability to bridge the gap between scientific theories and religious beliefs without undermining either. Rather than presenting faith and science as opposing forces, Bryan uses his extensive educational background and experience to find common ground. This balanced approach allows readers to explore the compatibility of evolution and Christian theology, encouraging thought-provoking discussions on the subject.

Bryan's writing style is eloquent yet accessible, ensuring that both scientists and laypeople can comprehend his arguments. He supports his claims with a wealth of research and evidence, citing various authoritative sources to lend credibility to his viewpoint. Moreover, his vivid examples and analogies enable readers to grasp complex concepts easily, further enhancing the book's readability.

Furthermore, In His Image addresses the ethical implications of the theory of evolution, particularly the moral relativism that can arise when humanity's origins are linked solely to scientific processes. Bryan highlights the importance of maintaining a sense of purpose and moral responsibility in a world that is often governed by survival of the fittest. Even though his arguments may be viewed through the lens of his own religious convictions, they still provoke important discussions on the intersection of science and morality.

Despite its strengths, In His Image is not without its limitations. Some readers may find Bryan's religious perspective overly dominant, and his critiques of evolutionary theory may occasionally come across as dismissive. It is important to approach this book with an open mind, recognizing that the author's primary aim is to present his religious beliefs rather than to conduct an unbiased scientific analysis.

In conclusion, In His Image by William Jennings Bryan is a thought-provoking exploration of the relationship between science and religion. Bryan's expertise and eloquence make for a compelling argument against the concept of evolution from a Christian standpoint. This book invites readers to engage in a balanced dialogue surrounding the origins of humanity, offering insights that continue to resonate in contemporary society.

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William Jennings Bryan

In His Image . James Sprunt Lectures. 12mo, cloth....$1.75

Heart to Heart Appeals . 12mo, cloth....$1.25

The cream of Mr. Bryan's public utterances on Prohibition, Money, Imperialism, Trusts, Labor, Income Tax, Peace, Religion, Pan Americanism, etc.

The Prince of Peace . 12mo, boards....60c.

Messages for the Times . 12mo, boards, each....35c.

The First Commandment. In simple, unaffected language, the author enlarges upon the present day breaches of the First Commandment.

The Message from Bethlehem . A plea for the world wide adoption of the spirit of the Angels' song "Good will to Men." The context and import of this great principle has never been more understandingly set forth.

The Royal Art . A lucid exposition of Mr. Bryan's views concerning the aims and ideals of righteous government.

The Making of a Man . A faithful tracing of the main lines to be followed if the crown of manhood is to be attained.

The Fruits of the Tree . "Either for the reinvigoration of faith or for the dissipation of doubt, this little volume is a document of power." Continent .

In His Image


" So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him ." GEN. 1: 27.


Dedicated to the memory of my beloved parents




to whom I am indebted for a Christian environment in youth, during which they instilled into my mind and imprinted upon my heart the religious principles which I have set forth and applied in the lectures contained in this volume


In nineteen hundred and eleven, Mr... Continue reading book >>

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