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The Isles of Sunset   By: (1862-1925)

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In Arthur Christopher Benson's novel, The Isles of Sunset, readers are transported to a quaint, seemingly idyllic island off the coast of England. Through rich descriptive prose and captivating storytelling, Benson unveils the lives and struggles of the inhabitants of this charming island.

At the heart of the novel is the protagonist, a young man named Hugh, who finds himself inexplicably drawn to the isle's ethereal beauty and tranquility. As Hugh delves deeper into the island's history and uncovers its secrets, readers are enthralled by the mystery that shrouds the place. Benson masterfully weaves together elements of romance, adventure, and supernatural, creating a suspenseful narrative that keeps readers engaged from start to finish.

What sets The Isles of Sunset apart is Benson's exquisite attention to detail. His vivid descriptions of the island's landscapes and its changing atmospheric conditions not only serve as a backdrop but also become essential in setting the overall mood of the novel. From the breathtaking sunsets that paint the skies with a kaleidoscope of colors to the mist-covered forests harboring ancient spirits, every page is a sensory delight.

Furthermore, the characters in The Isles of Sunset are meticulously crafted, each with their own distinct personalities and underlying complexities. Readers will find themselves emotionally invested in Hugh's journey, experiencing his joy, fear, and longing as he discovers more about the island's past and his own connection to it.

However, while the novel excels in its evocative storytelling and character development, Benson's prose occasionally borders on the verbose. There are moments when the overabundance of descriptive passages can slow the narrative's pace, requiring readers to exercise patience. Nonetheless, those who appreciate lush, lyrical language will likely relish in Benson's style.

The Isles of Sunset is a thought-provoking exploration of human nature, identity, and the lasting impact of the places we hold dear. Arthur Christopher Benson's ability to transport readers to this enchanting island through his extraordinary storytelling and vivid imagery is a testament to his prowess as a writer. This mesmerizing tale will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression, long after the final page has been turned.

First Page:




Author of "The Hill of Trouble," &c. &c.

London: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd. No. 1 Amen Corner, E.C. 1908 Printed by Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd., Bath. (2074)


The milkie way, the bird of Paradise, Church bels beyond the starres heard, the souls bloud, The land of spices; something understood.

Geo. Herbert

Let those whose Hearts and Hands are strong Tell eager Tales of mighty Deeds; Enough if my sequestered song To hush'd and twilight Gardens leads!

Clear Waters, drawn from secret Wells Perchance may fevered Lips assuage; The Tales an elder Pilgrim tells To such as go on Pilgrimage.

I wander by the waterside, In that cool Hour my Soul loves best, When trembles o'er the rippling Tide A golden Stairway to the West.

Such the soft Path my Words would trace, Thus with the moving Waters move; So leave, across the Ocean's Face, A glimmering Stair to Hope and Love.


The Isles of Sunset

The Waving of the Sword


The Slype House

Out of the Sea

Paul the Minstrel

The Isles of Sunset

About midway between the two horns of the bay, the Isles of Sunset pierced the sea... Continue reading book >>

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